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Does what it says on the tin!

Join the group if you want to be part of the prayer chain. Fmail Tiggia with prayer requests and she'll forward the fmail to the group.

Notes from Members

  • Longwayround [LWR] says: I admit that my prayers tend to be in macro form.
  • Evangel says: The greatest way we can help and support each other.
  • Biastai says: Marvellous stuff!
  • Argie says: kinda cool
  • Joopsy says: Nice one Tigs.
  • Helegant says: :-)
  • RFJ says: Fantastic idea, count me in or pray me in please
  • McNewbie says: Even Allah would approve ;) :)
  • Toks says: this is really great Tiggia, God is great xxx
  • Blind Ken says: The power of prayer is greater than all the carb gels in the world.
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: Very cool count me in :-)
  • LLL1 says: fantastic idea :-)
  • Eynsham Red says: Cool idea:)
  • Suzi Q says: Sounds good to me :D
  • Seratonin says: Glad to have found this little gem hidden away on FE :-)
  • paskha says: Just found this, GOOD, Great even!! Today is 1st Nov 13.
Group admin: Tiggia
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