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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Single Fetchies

304 members [See all]

Well why not eh? There are a few of us on here, so I thought I'd start a group. This is not a dating website, it is a running community and we know that.

It's just nice to meet other people who 'get it' about you and your running. Someone who will understand why you are grinning like a maniac because you've knocked 2 seconds off your PB. Someone who understands that even though your feet are covered in blisters AND your toenail has come off AND it's -3 degrees outside you are still going out for a run.

Oh and so we can flirt.

Notes from Members

  • Max71 says: I'm single and I'm a Fetchie. Simple eh?
  • Spally says: Fetchie and Single :-)
  • Micksta says: Im single and a fetchie, but still nobody wants me!!!
  • 620ie says: i became a fetchie last night
  • ozzie2920 says: I'm a fetchie and single , thats probably because I can't run fast enough to catch anyone !!! Have to keep the training up
  • angelis says: am single and a fetchy so I suppose that I count
  • ck says: Single, happy and a Fetchie!!!
  • Lou_01 says: New to Fetchie and single!
  • ian9657 says: I'm still single........and still running ......
  • filthyfaerie says: New Fetchie...single and content *sigh* lol
  • Runningkrazy says: newly single Fetchie....
  • Moongirl says: Single MTBer and newbie runner!!!
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: I'm new to Fetch, single and generally happy that way but would love some more single friends as most of mine are coupled up.
  • MartinH says: I am running the 2008 London Marathon in memory of my late wife, Laura, who was killed in November 2004. So far in her memory my friends, family and I have helped raise over £30,000 for Wishes4Kids, a Leicester based charity that grants the wishes of terminally ill children. Please sponsor me at the link below and if you want to know more about Wishes 4 Kids then please visit their website at www.wishes4kids.co.uk justgiving.com
  • redkate says: Glad to find people like me i.e single runners. I am sure people at work think me weird on both accounts!
  • Hedda says: would anyone else but me admit that it's a bit of a deal breaker when you date someone and they eat white Tesco value bread and say that they're 'just not built for running'? No? Does this make me a hopeless case?
  • Mikuro says: Newly single. :(
  • Raymac says: Me on my own as I,m always last in a run/race, sob sob!!!!
  • Glitcho says: Single vegan here... Often a bit of a clown, but usually quite laid back
  • Tall Bloke says: Happy with being single, well most of the time....
  • ZebraGirl says: Fetchie & single... simple really!
  • jess84 says: new to Fetch and don't get here as much as i would like
  • Baron says: Fast, free and single.
  • Jocky says: on way back from injury, and yes still single
  • -Monty- says: hi fetchie's. just joined last week. single male so i think i qualify for this. anyone want to chat?
  • The Snail says: I am member 100!!
  • moore06 says: Recently became a Fetchie and recently became single.
  • herbies gone bananas says: single new fetchie!
  • ultrabaldy says: im single and somewhere between 37 and 39 years old....eeeeek!!!!
  • running crazy says: Hello fellow singles anyone in need of running partner in my area ?
  • Making_Tracks says: Gorgeous & single, yup that's me.
  • Bubbles70 says: Newby and single :-)
  • slowmarc-belfast says: single and under 29 years of age !!!!!
  • Carlton24V says: Well, why not? Oh, I cycle too, ( with a club ) Mainly cycling but want get fitter, hence the running races,it's becoming addictive, now I know I hav to get fitter.
  • makkem says: Young (well I feel young), slow & single.
  • Missjanice says: andy, behave yourself
  • Chaz66 says: Youngish, single & fetchie!
  • CornishEva says: What a great idea! Single girl - and no men I meet understand why I love to run!
  • SlowEngineer says: I think I'm a fetchie... and I'm pretty certain I'm single!
  • PinchyII says: In Basingstoke - Single Fetchie!
  • Cinnamon says: A fetchie and single in Bristol area.
  • stumpo says: single because im going university later this year... who can promise faithfullness in a new hunting ground?
  • montymoomoo says: A single fetchie
  • Racin Snail says: Going through divorce....does that count as single???:-)
  • CheekyP says: Im in love with my runners, does that count as still being single???

    Not many girls understand that Sunday Mornings are about Races & LSR's.
  • Steady Edina says: Fellow single fetchie..lots of fun
  • Chris 0198 says: I use this site, I run and cycle, and I live with my parents!!! I S'pose I qualify
  • NRGEE says: NRGEE is joining a local running club to try to meet like minded people to run with. She is 37yrs and lives with her cat Sally! She loves the freedom of running and is returning to training after a long layoff.
  • Rooie says: happyish, single, half marathon in sept
  • purely_cosmetic says: If the boot fits...
  • youcanrunfasterlynne says: Well I'm single, and really starting to think that I would prefer not to be..... I like flirting so bring it on.
  • HB says: Young free and very very single!! ;-)
  • comfortablynumb says: A fetchie. Single and running, sometimes backwards!
  • Mildred says: Single!
  • REALmadRED says: Set a new PB for continual sex on 29th March - 1hr 2mins 15secs... then I realised the bloody clocks had gone forward an hour! Tall, dark, handsome, getting faster! Live in South London and very single but for how long...!
  • Marzipan says: Single gal who despairs of most men my own age. They seem to have given up looking after themselves and look more like my Dad! I'm assuming you lot haven't ;-)
  • KITCHEN says: Its great being young free and single again
  • Valebird says: single and want more running buddies everywhere!
  • Carlot says: Hey - single female fetchie 33, living near oakham, would like to find a single male fetchie of similar age to run across the fields (or anywhere else) with :). pls get in touch.
  • BromleyReedy says: Hello fellow singletons!
  • RustyRusk says: I've been single since I could run!!
  • breezey says: im single 45,obsessed with running and looking for that someone special out there.
  • Spanabell says: i qualify for this group YAY for me :-P
  • Para says: Still trying to workout if i am single because i run or i run because i'm single?
  • JK *chameleon* says: Single male Fetchie, seeking single male fetchie :S Surely I'm not the only one?
  • Musical Journey says: I see a little silhouetteo of a man, single fetchie, single fetchie, he is training for a half a marathano, thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening, I'm gonna pee.
  • lbart says: i'm single and a fetchie..what else is there?
  • Gerry62 says: I enjoy the freedom running gives me. I have been running for a couple of years now and slowly getting better. My ambition is to run the Edinburgh marathon 2010. I like to get out two - three times per week but should increase this as part of the marathon training.
  • pf55 says: Fetchie and Single in that order!!
  • SpeedyBrear says: Funny thing is when I did Fortwilliam Marathon about 4years ago.I bump into 2 runners from Lincoln and Llondon 50k I amazed I bump into Fortwiliam Runner which seen me at Loch Ness well over 9years ago.But Least people never forget you?
  • NorthernPhoenix says: Single.got so much running to catch up on😀
  • Morning Owl says: Recently became a Fetchie and have been single a bit longer. Enjoy life, enjoy running. Having difficulty filling the vacancy in my girlfriend department.
  • Star says: yep..single fetchie!
  • Monkey_75 says: *sings* "all the single fetchies all the single fetchies ... put your hands up"
  • CD1978 says: Any single fetchers in the Enfield, North London area? Need some support with my knee:(
  • LotteK says: Hi ... single and think the novelty has worn off that label ... however - here and very happy. Run run run

    Any locals? (Cambridgeshire)
  • steptoe says: single and fetchie seems like i qualify
  • powerplodder says: 40 something with a new road to run...
  • Mousethatran says: A fetchie and single, guess I'm in.
  • Chramies says: Happily single, also happily running, living in SW London (for now).
  • philbo72 says: 10 years single. Fetchie for 3.Looking for that special someone, but they're elusive!!!
  • Merlin69 says: Fetchie and single as well!!:-)
  • jmk4 says: single runner from cornwall
  • HotDogsForTea says: Since July I've become single, and knocked 20 minutes off my 10k PB :)
  • Lastic says: Fetchie,female and single.
  • Pammy235 says: Single and run so I can eat more biscuits!
  • BradCordell says: Like the rest of you I fulfil the 2 main criteria for being in this group. So howdy, let the flirting commence! :)
  • richard 1960 says: iam single
  • jasont17 says: single fetchie getting back in to it after a long absence
  • icklevee says: Well after 3-4 months of singledom, guess I may as well join this group. Single life = more running time + more socialising with fellow single running buddies = happier me
  • mightyatom says: I'm enjoying the single life, getting plenty of runs in and feel good with it. I hope I can keep it up.
  • Pale Skinny Vegan says: The most eligible bloke on Fetch. Probably.
  • RuthyRoo says: I'm a single Fetchie, but its only becuase the chaps can't keep up!
  • rex1 says: single, irish,& no 1 seems 2 understand a running addict except another runner
  • mister f says: Single, and recently returning to fetch for some inspiration following back surgery! Getting my mind back into the running game after a year off and looking a like minded lady for smiles and motivation! 😃
  • Derek K says: very interesting.... long shot, but any other Dubliners on here?! you never know unless you ask!!!
  • Heapy says: Widdowed Fylde Coast Runner or jogger as my son would say !
  • Hohum says: Well, here I am single and a fellie.....
  • Rosiematt says: Single again & restarting the running this Tuesday! :-)
  • fermoitie says: run, cycle, swim, fetchie, single. I tick all the boxes LOL.
  • sarabop says: New fetchie, new runner and newly single...all this new stuff making me smile :-)
  • Auntyaunty says: considering how I look after running I understand why I'm single...lol
  • delilahskye says: Mother to two well behaved girls, one badly behaved dog. I'm known to run a bit, cycle a bit but draw the line at all that skydiving nonesense!! Footloose and fancy free...
  • CottamRunner says: Well I'm single and I'm in! .... Blimey! .... Hope no-one in here bites! ;)
  • pixiedh says: 54 years old and still not grown up, recently seperated , running cos everyone says I shouldnt !
  • Flocialite says: I'm single and I like running... And I'm a new fetchie. 27, female and living in Angel, need a running bud who will train for the big runs with me.
  • boomermair says: fetchie and lone runner (does this make me single)?
  • Whippet! says: Single fetchie..
  • Dips says: Single and a runner, what more could anyone want?
  • everready says: Ii guess 41 is young and single depending on which side of the age you are?
  • gojojo says: Too busy running to find a man. Give up running to make the time? Oh no no no. He'll just have to be able to keep up.
  • Dawnp says: Newly single so thought I'd join your elite gang ;)
  • Tescodiva says: Newly single and a new Fetchy
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: happy single fetchie but think i'm too busy running marathons to find a man a the moment haha
  • Granny2-3 says: New to Fetch and old in age. Oh, and single.
  • Hobgoblin says: Newly single, Fetchie since 2005, lapsed runner who is getting back to running and fitness.
  • JaneyM says: I find myself single after my lovely hubby died. Bit scared of being single but I know my lovely fetchie pals will look after me as always. Xx
  • Mercy says: Happy single, looking for a cat :)
  • Red Robin says: Hello single Fetchies :)
  • Churchy_7 says: I'm a fetchie aged 35 and single
  • slowfish says: Hello everybodypeeps :-)
  • Happy Xmas Cat says: Newly single Fetchie, very slow plodder, living in Yorkshire
  • TomC82 says: Single and a Fetchie
Group admin: Max71
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