Notes from Members

  • Running Beer says: Can't wait :)
  • Kev Scone says: will try and dig out the passport and get there
  • McNewbie says: Excellent idea, sounds unmissable! :)
  • Gooner says: Should be good, even if I have gotta tape the footy for it! lol
  • Smileygirlie says: Sounds truly Fetch-tastic - can't wait!
  • Limpet says: I feel the need for speed :-)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Yee, and if I might venture to add, har! :-)G
  • Cabbey says: Can't wait :-)
  • CottamRunner says: Liking the look of this - a great way to start 2010! :-)
  • Woffy says: Really looking forward to this
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