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For all current and ex members of Her Majesty's Forces - just to say hello, offer support, keep in touch and generally support the cabbagy (Army), crabby (RAF), watery (Royal Navy) types who give such a slot, and get so little recognition.

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  • DPBadger says: Ex RDG Heavy Cav.
  • jamborigg says: Ex 1 battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders served for total 14 odd years served in Edinburgh , Colchester ,Minden ,Shornecliffe ,Penicuik ,Edinburgh .Tours in Ireland 4 times and the Falkland Islands but not during the war not that old lol couple of years later .Those were the days :-)
  • Northern Exile says: Royal Navy 1981 - 2005, mainly sub-surface 1988 onwards.
  • Highlanderchick says: Hi, Ex Army, AGC, REME and WRAC. Living in Canada now, miss the old days :)
  • Dark Blue Badger says: In Navy and work in Plymouth during the week, looking for any fetchies in Plymouth to go for a run with.
  • Snowflakegirl says: Only Ex-Army wife but fully behind our boys. Met my hubbie in Minden and moved around a bit, mainly Germany with one posting in Uk. After he left we setled in Minden, split up 8 years ago, he is still there and I came to live in Yorkshire. started running last January and never loked back. Why didnt I start earlier? lol
  • Pidd says: ex-RAF ; 80-02; Cosford, Honington, St Athan (Falklands 87), Leuchars, Wildenrath, Coningsby, Cosford, Waddington (Falklands 97).
  • Tuppence says: Brilliant to see so many ex-Forces on here! I am back after a bad 24 months. We had to close our business, so I have returned to my first love - teaching English! Former AGC (ETS) Army schooly - left eons ago, but still hanker for the good old days.
  • SiLeeds says: Yaaaay recognition for Soldiers :)
  • Rick OShay says: I didn't realise there was a group, hence a late joiner.

    Hi everyone
  • JulesO says: Hi - RAF Reservist since 1990, currently posted to Waddington after 18 years as an RAF Mover at Brize Norton!

    Glad to see lots of of you on here :)
  • MADDOG says: Curently serving 1 Royal Irish. Just got the running bug back again!!
  • Grumpa says: ex-Royal Engineer(1986-1998)served in 65 CSS Hameln BAOR,33 Indt Fd Sqd Antrim,28 Engr Regt Hameln BAOR,Bosnia,Bassingbourn Trg Regt.Spent most of my time in BAOR playing football,tracksuit warriors r us!!!!!!!!!;)
  • Wes-H says: ex Para and 2e Régiment Étranger de Parachutistes,(2nd REP) French Foreign Legion, I'm now in the TA will I ever learn lol :-D
  • firemannotsam says: Hi all. ex Royal Irish regiment (1992-2000) all spent in N.Ireland.
  • Stewie says: Ex Air Force 76 - 86 did Kinloss, Wildenrath, Cranwell and Molesworth,also a few years RAF reservist at Brize Norton.
  • Snake Doctor says: Served in the RAF 1986-1995
  • martin K says: Ex Royal Auxiliary Air force medic (1989 to 2004) would like to join and say hi please
  • pinkladykat says: TA
  • tiamo69 says: over 22 yrs service as a STAB w 3 (extended) balkan tours thrown in for good measure.
    resigned July 2009, due to family commitments (wife has Crohn's, so needed to help out with our daughter)
    July 2012 re-swore my Allegiance to Her Majesty, Her Heirs & Her Successors!
    Due to SDR, had to drop from SSgt to Sgt :O( but at least i'm still in the Mess!
    Injured my Rgt Calf May 2011, running 50K for ABF, on last day of Challenge66.
    Been easing myself back into gentle training since May 2012.
  • Chris 0198 says: Hi there, Ex Corps of Royal Engineers (185 - 1997) mostly served in Germany. Tours of Iraq and Bosnia, as well as Falkalands and a stretch in Canada.
  • ianwgp says: Ex RN, 82-07, submariner, now living in Canada.
  • Debbaroo says: Hello Everyone, RN Writer (I know boooooooo), coming up to 12 years and still living the dream :-)
  • justcol says: Still in, serving north of the border and south of the waves. Started running during an inboard draft and here I am 1 year on :-)
  • Trackerman says: Ex Army 1 Royal Scots and Royal Air Force 1979 - 1997 Served in Edinburgh, N.Ireland, BOAR,Kinloss, Leuchars, Gutersloh, Norway, Italy and Cyprus. Happy days:-)
  • ultracollie says: Good evening just found you all

    I am ex 32 royal artillery 1992-1997 JLRRA, Dortmund, NI, Larkhill, happy days :-)
  • archiebear says: Currently deployed on ops with the Navy but getting a few miles in around the Upper Deck when I can, glad to find a group of AF fetchies.
  • The Rifleman says: Hi all ex 2 and 3 Battalion The Royal Green Jackets and the 1 and 4 Rifles. Completed the 22 years finished July 2013. Actually love running for me and not in bloody squads with people you have to drag!!!
  • Donstar says: Anyone in this group near Aberdeen? 1st April 5K Fun Run in aid of Combat Stress and Gardening Leave, both helping ex-service personnel with mental health issues. Please feel free to enter the race at or if you cannot make it please use the link on that page to make a donation, and pass this onto your friends too please. Thanks.
  • pixiedh says: Hi , ex wren dental hygienist here. Over 50 but still not acting it ! Run , still , because everyone tells me I shouldnt !!
  • Tambowie Man says: Ex ACC/RLC chef now living in Glasgow
  • RuthyRoo says: A Royal Engineer who&aps;s just trying to keep fit and use it as a way of getting out of the office and keeping my sanity!
  • Hodge68 says: Ex RAMC CMT 89-94
  • madmoosey says: Currently serving in the RN since 1997. Nice to see some other forces fetchie runners, live in Guzz always looking for training partners, currently deployed in far warmer climates, running everyday be it on the dreadmill or the upper scupper
  • Dingdong1970 says: Ex RN (22 years man and boy) 10th anniversary as a civvy this year and still missing the mob
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