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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • sLickster says: Hmm, sadly it's a no from me :-( got my gran's surprise 80th birthday to go to in t'northeast.
  • Loca says: PB would be nice but it falls at the end of last heavy training week prior to Abingdon mara, so don't think there will be much speed left in the legs. Getting my excuses in early :)
  • Hohum says: well, I suppose I live in the Midlands (ish) and I'd like to meet some of the people on the site.
  • Watford Wobble says: Never raced a mile before. Could be good fun
  • Gooner says: Would be my first Fetch event!......Assuming my achilles ever heals!! :( .....just noticed the pun there, achilles....heals....no?
  • Barky says: Date: sat 26th Sept, 11am - 1pm

    Please remove yourself from this group IF you can't make it - thanks :)
  • SPKoF says: yeah - B-o-T mile.
  • Trehis says: Will be good to have a go again, more than a year since my last mile.
  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: I think I might y'know. My first ever fetch event. :)
  • Rubberman says: Better late than never :-)
  • tiamo69 says: just found FETCH (you'll find me in either Burton on Trent or Sutton Coldfield depending upon the correlation between the Moon & the Tides - or the demands of an 8 yr renovation project & 3 yr old monster!)
  • Keegs says: 60 year old wba fan .....enough said !!!
Group admin: Barky