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A lot of Fetchies have iPhones and I'm always thinking of questions to ask but never sure who to ask. Is an iphone group a good idea?

As you'll know from your December newsletter this is also the group for people who want the new Fetch Everyone iphone application. 'Citing!

Notes from Members

  • Kimbles says: Fetch - there's an app for that (soon) :-)
  • boomermair says: turn on phone, run, log, bosh.

    where is the app???????
  • Flake says: Looking forward to the release of the App
  • Pooley says: any update on when this is released?
  • kdp says: Sounds fantastic.. At the moment I have set up an icon for Fetcheveryone on my iphone which taks me straight to the website.
  • Dez! says: a Fetchapp would be amazing!!
  • Supahoop says: Hurrah!!
  • Meglet says: Yay, a Fetchapp :)
    yes please!
  • SarahL says: Can't wait for Fetch iPhone! :)
  • Debbie G says: Thinking of splashing out on an iPhone in January and a Fetch ap may help the decision ;-)
  • Impossible is Nothing says: Great!! Its a right pain in the arse adding training via Safari!
  • M62 Santa says: If this app happens I will never run again.
  • Stewie says: A fetch app you say ? :)
  • Firesac says: Please me want app too............
  • jennyh says: yes please :-D
  • Kyoko says: Hi! Sounds great!
  • Mrs Winkle says: Just got a shiny new iPhone 4. 'Tis a thing of beauty.
  • torsparkles says: Fetchapp fetchapp fetchapp :D
  • arbster says: I love my iPhone - until such time as I can persuade myself (well, my wife really) that I deserve a Garmin my iPhone is also my GPS thanks to the moderately brilliant Runkeeper app. No HRM, but it does a decent line in run tracking and even supports intervals.
  • iPLOD says: Fetch app? As long as it doesn't interfere with Cut the Rope or Chess with Friends!
  • Strutbrother says: How is it possible to love an inanimate object soooo much?
  • madrocker74 says: is there any news on a fetchapp?
  • adrianb1066 says: Want the app, when do we want it? - NOW!
  • Tarmac hunter says: A fetch app would be great
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