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  • skips765 says: I'm a novice POSer so can I join, pretty pleeeeeease?
  • Ian147 says: Does anyone know much about which trainers are best for runners who use the pose method?
  • Scrappy Doo says: I am new starter to running,so looking for ALL the help I can get.I didn't know that putting one foot in front of the other was so hard :-)..I am a natural short strider (aka a short arse!) what's the deal on technique?? needed as my natural running style is not great (in fact very poor) as I pronate also my right foot twists out as well.Now I am just trying to build up miles but guys and gals and tips,hints or advice...please help...
  • suukii says: Working on Chi Running, its good!
  • Canute says: I have been influenced mainly by Pirie’s book, ‘Running Fast and Injury Free’, but that book leaves many issues unanswered, and since Pirie is now dead, I have attempted to fill in the gaps in his account using ideas from Pose, Stride Mechanics and Chi. I continue to find the efficient running thread very helpful but have also started my own blog because the material I want to discuss is quite long-winded.
  • Paulcdad says: I am searching for a fluid, relaxed and injury free way to run....
  • ultrabaldy says: just lurking at the moment,interested in pain/injury free running techniques.
  • jacobus1745 says: recently had a tuition in POSE and really convinced this is the way to run....
  • Double Action says: Recently took part in a Chi running course and, whilst not fully sure I have taken it all on board, am seeing some improvements. Interested to learn more and run longer.
  • mol says: suffering at present so interested in injury free running just bought book about chi running.
  • Drink Anyone? says: Had a strange knee complaint but it has eventually gone away!! Just kept running on it
  • mystique100 says: Tried POSE for few months from several posts on YouTube :-) Didn't manage to do it in today's Reading Half Marathon. I want to learn how to improve my inefficient/bad running habits.
  • honeydyer says: Hi, I tried POSE (at least that was my aim) and found it quite hard on my knees. Perhaps I'm not doing it right
  • CottamRunner says: Now (Sep-09) well back into running after knee trouble last year- seem fine running anywhere up to 10km .... but after that it's fairly random as to whether my knees (both) will hurt - or how much! Will try anything to keep running and stay pain / injury free as I move towards 35 (gulp!).

    POSE / more efficient running styles were suggested .....
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: It's the way forward (without bend at the waist too ;) ) Relaxation Alinment away you go
  • paulhiles says: Just started investigating ChiRunning, interested in any techniques that help promote injury free relaxed running
  • searle says: Running mostly in minimalistic shoes (FeelMax Kuusaas and Osmas, TerraPlana Aquas). will do some barefoot when the snow melts.
  • Bluebell2325 says: I hurt my knees in 2008 (new to running, over training, too many down hills). Now able to run with out taping my knees, but I know I'm holding myself back training-wise through fear of re-injury. Needing some encouragement and advice re running style.
  • LBM says: Always looking to improve, so I'll be following this group avidly. Currently reaping the benefits of regular drills and hill repeats to improve form, speed, strength and power
  • loki says: used to do the thing with the heels but at 6'3" and 18st got up to half mara then had to give up. 4 yrs later starting again from scratch but now doing midfoot mainly based on chirunning (although I did once watch a pose dvd) seems ok so far.
  • ColW says: Chi running is on the must read list for the next few months. Started changing my running style last year towards the end of the season due to persistent knee issues (borderline arthritis). Read Born to run, which also promotes the more efficient running techniques. Progress has been made but plenty more room I hope.
  • Shoddy says: Wearing minimalist shoes (NB Minimus MR00) and interested in improving my form ...
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