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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Yorkshire Fetchies

120 members [See all]

A group fer all t' Fetchies livin' int' fair isle o' Yarkshire.

There's normally a Mile and Social on the go somewhere, details of which you'll find in the Useful Threads list. So don't delay, dust off that flat cap and whippet today.

Notes from Members

  • caw says: Nah then
  • Grumpa says: Yorkshire lad and proud.Gods own county.
  • shampoo says: Just started running again - aiming to enter some 5 and 10ks. If anyone fancies a run around the York area let me know!
  • Grid says: Hello.
  • northernslowcoach says: :) and eat a rascal!
  • Huge says: Isle?
  • TooLilac says: eee by gum
  • suzeedee says: 'ow do
  • Kev Scone says: i dont live in t'shire of york but consider mesen adopted by a kindly bunch of folks due to tedious links :)
  • WeebleNana says: No whippet though - will a mutt do? ;-)
  • dippycat says: Yorkshire born and bred :)
  • Ogden Runner says: Tha'll atha fahnd mi runnin ova't hills aw suppin dahn't pub!
  • Dave W says: Leeds lad born and bred, now living and working in North Yorkshire. It's a bit quieter up here..
  • mawngyguy says: gidday (oops)
  • Northern Exile says: Harrogate Harriers club member, on Fetch for a few years now. Several of the members above would vouch for my irreverence :-)
  • ChrisVilla says: Exiled Brummie lovin Yorkshire life!
  • Karen S says: Eeh bye gum!
  • Lisa T says: Leeds born lass now livin in Geordieland
  • Mattharper says: Lives on the Yorkshire Coast
  • Yorkshire Lass says: Yorkshire born & bred : )
  • Winniefree says: Adopted yorkshirewoman - bairns both officially Tykes
  • Andrew Byrom says: ow do.
  • Amanda68 says: born & bred in God's own country
  • Plodder54 says: `ow do from south yorkshire
  • Cyclops says: crossed the Pennines many years ago...
  • Mikuro says: Adopted Yarkshire person originally from the saaf
  • Stilldreaming says: Yarkshire born and bred, but now exiled in the Midlands (so can I be in this group, pretty please?).
  • Speckled Henny-Penny says: I was born in Keighley and lived in Guiseley. Now living in Shropshire, which is almost as good as Yorkshire. I used to work at Betty's in Ilkley, so I know all about Fat Rascals....
  • Spudmurphy says: Yorkshire and Proud!
  • chocciemonster says: Ely up I'm actually a southerner but exiled up here in sunny Sheff!!