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Group: Birmingham Half Marathon 2009

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This event is due to take place on Sunday 11th October 2009.

It is doubling up as the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships and promises to be a flat and fast course.

The official website, which is yet to be updated with information on the 09 event, is

Further information will be posted here once Birmingham City Council get the finger out, and release some details.

In the meantime, if you're interested, stick your name down.

Notes from Members

  • Cavehill75 says: Please let me know if you want your name added to this list - with predicted time.

    I'll kick off:

    Cavehill75: 76:59
    PSimon: 76:59
    Velociraptor: 96:00
    Ndellar: 120:00
    Sog: 95:00
    Keggs: 110:00
    Madmac: 97:20
  • Gooner says: Gooner86 : 135:00
  • Sloggerian says: Ran the old route last year as my first half marathon after a break of 19 years and ended up with 112:00. Hoping for more like 95:00 this year,especially if it is flatter this time round. Mind you - didn't exactly seem like climbing everest last time out - don't see what the fuss was all about!
  • FellSurfer says: 89:59 or less is the target
  • janbipps says: Target 120
  • LouLou says: Target under 1.27
  • Yeti says: Somewhere in the region of 2:10 (race times in just minutes confuse me, sorry!)
  • ChickenLegs says: Hopefully aiming for under 90 mins if everything goes well
  • tiamo69 says: competing this year (2010) should've competed last year but was signed off work for 3 months.
    is there a group for 2010 & has everyone spotted the glaring error on the route that's been set out in the newsletter...?
    up Middleway, turn RIGHT into Ryland Road...
    maybe not!
  • JimM says: After a 2:03 last year I really hope to break 2hrs
Group admin: Cavehill75