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Would you be interested in a cotton t-shirt, in slightly more subtle FE colours, with the FE logo on the front (small, on the breast) and/or on the back (wider). Also bearing the strapline: "see how far I go on". Go on, it's a winner :-)

Notes from Members

  • Spally says: a fitted ladies one please or a polo shirt :-) I already have quite a collection of Fetch merchandise - why not add to the collection
  • early bird says: A ladies fitted version with a v neck please :):):):)
  • Girlie says: medium please, I prefer the standard t shirt cut.
    Would be interested in 8-9 yr old kids one for LMG as she missed out on the hoodies.
  • monkey harris says: cotton t shirt well good :-)
  • Fat Jase says: can i get a large please!!
  • spinkle says: XL please, for fat birds wot run
  • z1000jeff says: I'd definitely have at least one ... possibly 2 depending on price
  • welly says: I need a hoody too :( :(
  • UltraMrsR says: I like polo neck T's. But whatever comes along is good :-)
  • Meglet says: childrens ones. and ladies, v-neck preference :)
  • BaronessBL says: Looser fitting for - er - fluctuating weight cover up would be my preferred style. But I might still buy a fitted one anyway if that's all there is?
  • CB. says: long sleeve would be good as well :-)
  • Laura27 says: ladies fit tshirt or polo top would be great!
  • Coffee Addict says: Polo style way to go....Please!
  • Bosun Tony says: Great idea, polo top would be good :)
  • barking says: Standard t-shirt, please :)
  • Kev Scone says: maybe, polo top sounds good too
  • mawngyguy says: Polo please.
  • honeyrunner says: ladies fitted ones please - can't wait! :-)
  • happygasman says: Bring it on . I love wet cotton next to my skin
  • Pully says: Nice simple Tee with logos as described would be perfect. i'd have a couple.
  • RunGaryRun says: a nice medium one please? Thank you.
  • FurryH says: Large pls
  • *Anj* says: Round neck, slim ladies fit please in Black with red writing or indeed red with black writing :)
  • ChrisThePuma says: yes please - M - and a hoody please
  • Jungliemac says: These sound good as pre/post race items.
  • BouncyTigger2 says: These sound fab! Fitted or polo tshirt would be fab in medium :-)
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