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For us lot on the 'depressed' thread who are going/have gone through this horrible illness.

Planning to meet (non-scary, no commitment, no pressure) at a nice 10k somewhere together and then some TLC.

Need ideas on somewhere central

Notes from Members

  • officebased says: Also finishing the Run with chips sounds bloody good to me, anyone on here doing the Kilmarathon in March?, sure find some chips in Derby
  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: I've been a lurker on the thread for a while but haven't quite mustered the courage to post yet but I'll get there.
  • Sushi. says: Let's Wobble the Wibbles away
  • Slow and Ultra Steady says: Glad i found the thread. Just in time, i don't feel quite so alone :)
  • Shin-Twigs says: anywhere ! as long as there is chips
  • Karen T says: Up :-) and down :-(
  • Toks says: Everyone in this group are inspiring fetchies :-)
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