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  • Runs On Plants says: Went straight to being vegan in October 2012 - best decision I ever made
  • Snellers says: I am a vegan and so is my wife!
  • lancyman says: Veggie for 20 years,.
  • Mrs Anna says: Have been veggie for about 25 years. Was vegan for many of those and still am at home but found it often too difficult to socialise with non veggie friends. Have been running for about 20 years. I started when I stopped smoking as I didn't want to sit at home eating all night and getting fat! I joined a running club about three years ago and have now entered quite alot of local races which I enjoy. I've even got a bit faster in my old age!
  • RunKTrun says: Obsessed with vegetarian cooking and running, what a perfect group for me!
  • Pale Skinny Vegan says: Vegetarian since about 1982 after watching The Animals Film on Channel 4.
    Vegan for about 5 years, back to vegetarian for a bit, then vegan again for the last 5 years.
    Sporting success is a great way to promote veganism. I'm consistently finishing in the top quarter in mountain bike endurance races and hope to do the same with running.
  • deevicpark says: i've been veggie for 17 years since the age of 12. my mum still thinks its a phase but their refusal to cook for me means I'm pretty good at cooking for myself. tried being vegan for a day - made it til lunchtime needed tea and hate soya milk :P
  • Tryffydog says: Hi, I have been fully vegetarian for about 14 years (before that I ate fish but no meat for many years). I have been running seriously (!) for about 8 years but will never break any speed records. I run for fitness & because I enjoy it. I am vegetarian because I believe eating meat is not only morally wrong but unhealthy as well.
  • becca7 says: Vegan since 2013. I was a vegetarian for 20 years prior to that and my only regret is not becoming vegan sooner, it has been much easier than I expected it to be.
  • emmie says: Hello! I've been vegetarian for nearly two years. I started initially because meat is expensive and I was a student at the time. I soon saw that meat wasn't necessary and I didn't miss it. It has since become strengthened by moral and environmental reasoning. I was vegan for a few months and I think I'm heading back that way..
  • Nikaim says: I'm a natural born Vegetarian!!
  • PonyGirl says: Love animals. Hate meat! Haven't eaten the stuff since I was 11.... 29 years ago!
  • Veggie Sausage says: Been Veggie for about 18 years and never missed meat. Sometimes think about going Vegan but seems like too much hassle!
  • Baron von Sharon says: I have been a vegetarian for around 15 years now. I don't eat meat or fish because i find both taste and texture abhorrant. Could never be a Vegan because i love cheese too much (sorry!)
  • Chrisull says: Vegetarian since March 1st 1989, can it really be 20 years??? My reasons are moral, ecological and also health based. I don't believe in lecturing or persuading people to do it, I just believe you should go and out do it.
  • Trehis says: Nearly 30 years a vegetarian and never a thought of going back, want to get to veganism and on my way but not yet complete. As for not trying to persuade people to become vegetarians, why not? I have been constantly urged to eat meat with health claims for years even though I have not prevoked it, unless you call ordering a vegetarian meal, provocation! lol.
    Have run for 2 years longer than being vegetarian and have run well throughout, raced more than a thousand times, the majority over the last few years. :-)
  • sallykate says: Vegetarian for 20+ years and occasionally flirt with being vegan
  • Markleighevans says: Veggie for now approaching 20 years, but still manage to be a little overweight, hence the running!! The more I think about the more logical becoming a Vegan seems. Started running to lose weight, but have now become addicted. Currently training for the Cardiff half marathon in October
  • Fido2Dogs says: I like to disturb omnivorous friends by having very large (ersatz) fryup breakfasts. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA burp.
  • RunnyBunny says: Went veggie 26 years ago aged 13 - ashamed to say that there have been omnivorous phases through my 20s and 30s, as well as unsuccessful vegan phases, but I couldn't eat meat now. I've been vegan for just over a year and finding it much easier than previous attempts, thanks mainly to Fetchies' advice.
  • forest plodder says: Don't quite qualify, as I eat some fish, but looking for tips.
  • SteveCRunner says: Hi - vegetarian since mid-80s. Started running 2005. Aiming for 1500 miles this year. Glad to see a fit looking bunch here :)
  • Lyra OK says: Vegetarian since the age of thirteen (gosh - 20 years). Lapsed vegan, but taking my first few steps back.
  • Phily G says: Went vegan in 2005, I was vegetarian for about 6 months before that at which time I discovered I was allergic to dairy, I spent about 5 years prior to that cutting out various types of meat for health reasons, first red meat, then poutry, fish. By the time I had got to vegetarianism I had researched the animal agriculture so much that the only ethical choice for me was to go vegan (and realising my dairy allergy certainly sped things up!)
  • babyhermes says: Vegetarian since age of about 11 - apart from animal rights issues, just never liked it and was only eating chicken/fish before so just thought, why not take the plunge as I'm old enough (family diehard meaties and couch potatoes). Dabbling in veganism, but only so far as no dairy. First began running about the same time as dabbling in veggieism, the only things I've had issues with more recently is anaemia and protein defnicieny - however that's manily due to actually training 'seriously' and at greater intensity this past year, compared with the pasta-and-toast nutrition of first year at uni.
  • jane_m says: I've been vegan for 16 years, veggie for 7 years before than, and running (in the loosest sense of the term...) for 8 years.
  • LadyBee says: I flirt with veganism, put off by what I've seen whilst working on farms. I'm on my way there.
  • cehstone says: I've been moving through the stages of vegetarianism for over 20 years. Started by only eating turkey at Xmas. Moved onto no meat but fish and a couple of years ago stopped eating fish, Now and then I consider removing dairy products from my diet, it shouldn't make sense to me to not eat meat and then eat dairy when I know that animals must be killed to allow me the cheese, milk and butter that I consume. But as yet I haven't taken this step.
  • Dee VanCity says: I've been vegetarian since 1996. I've done two 30-day trials of veganism and try to incorporate a lot of raw foods into my diet. I first became vegetarian because I've just never liked the taste or texture of meat and when I moved out of my parents' house I could do whatever I want. :) I've been running on and off since I was 14.
  • mushroom says: Hi, I've been veggie since 1998. Proudest moment wearing the VCAC vest? - when the race commentator saw my vest and shouted for all to hear, 'A man after my own heart - big cheer for the Veggie runner!'..!
  • Cabbey says: I became vegetarian after a meal with colleagues and a heated debate over fois gras, in September 2011. Became vegan only a couple of days ago (Feb 2012) and getting on with it quite well. :-)
  • tsubo 00 says: Not long arrived back from Southern India, and am thinking of going 100% vegetarian. Any suggestions regarding a vegetarian diet and long distance training....can the two go together?
  • K-Bal says: Hello fellow herbivores! Been veggie for 8yrs, since seeing a monkey chow down its own offspring on TV (it's the always the little things, eh?). Have replaced meat with cake (leading to comments such as "you don't look like a veggie" & "you're not really built like a runner". Only miss kebabs (is there any meat in them anyway?) - Waitrose Peterborough used to do kebab-flavoured veggie sausages, but not any more. Anyone know any good veggie restaurants near Peterborough?
  • Tomsmum says: Hi, have been veggie for many years and am virtually vegan (I eat eggs) it is very much for moral reasons that I became veggie and then vegan because my daughter was/is dairy intolerant and as she is breastfed it meant that I had to come off milk too. i eat eggs as i also have issues with wheat and it just makes my diet too restrictive :( I do make sure that they are produced locally and as ethically as possible, never eat eggs out.
  • Mrs Pepperpot says: Found some great sports supplements by Vegan Triathlete; Brendan Brazier. Brand is called VEGA. Do google him! xx
  • Mol- says: New to Fetch and chuffed to find this Vegetarian group on the site. Vegetarian for 30, arg! 30? years. Mainly Vegan for around a year. Feels good for the soul :-)
  • llamafarmer says: Hi. I'm a second claim member of the Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club and I'm also in a really good local club, Royton Road Runners. Looking for a good time in the Ron Hill Birthday 5k next month.
  • breezey says: I've been Pesco-Vegetarian (still eating fish) for about 35 years now since the age of 15. Have tried going to full vegetarian but just cant seem to manage it. Really admire anyone for having an ethical view on consuming food, and also dieters on managing calorie intake.
  • Eisenmangel says: The Smiths "Meat is Murder" - it changed my eating habits, my attitudes and my haircut.
  • tyse says: Hi, Just discovered this group. Veggie for over 20 years. Mainly ethical reasons but hated the texture and taste of meat when I was a kid. I don't preach though - my partner eats meat and that's up to her! I just don''t kiss her much!
  • Kenyan John says: Took up hillwalking in August 1985 and seeing the animals on these walks decided to became a vegetarian on 1st January 1986.
  • Shoddy says: After reading the fold-out cover of Conflict's 'To A Nation of Animal Lovers' EP at age 16, I told my dad I would be vegetarian from now on, to which he replied 'Well you can cook your own bloody dinners from now on then". After three months of eating beans and cheese on toast I finally bought a recipe book and never looked back. 32 years down the line I've eaten fish on and off, reasoning that consuming local crab has got to be better for the planet than green beans from Kenya, but currently lacto-ovo vegetarian.
  • mascott514 says: Veggie anniversary approaching (May) Vegan since November. 4 Stone lighter, and all PBs as Vegan! Wish I had thought about my food choices decades ago, but enjoying the transformation!
  • Dave W says: Been veggie for over 25 years now. A lot easier now than it was back then.
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