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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Cat Avatars

26 members [See all]

For those of us who like our feline friends as our avatars! And cat lovers in general.

Notes from Members

  • Vicksta says: Two ginger pusses!
  • tulip says: I am owned by one very cute little pure white kitten (rescued when she was 8 wks young, she's now 14 months) and one big very cuddly black-and-white tomcat who is boss and owns the place (or he likes to think he does)!
  • StormProof says: Boris Big B*llocks is my feline buddy and often avatar
  • catwoman says: Hi, I have 6 cats of various colours, shapes and sizes, and personalities!!
    Regards to all.
  • Slowly But Shirley says: Have cat everything else but not avatar for once!

    Have 2 cutie torties though, rescue cats from RSPCA and their getting to 'pensionable' age now as we've had them for 10 years so far (or rather, they've owned US for that long! Am in no doubt about who rules the roost in our cat-centric home!!)
  • Dawnp says: Hiya, I have 2 cats, a tabby and a black and white. :)
  • sallykate says: does Hello Kitty count? I have two b/w cats (like Friesian cows!), brothers but chalk and cheese, rescued from a basement in Amsterdam. Have used them for avatars on other sites but not here yet.
  • bellybaby says: Servant for a large seal point fluffball!
Group admin: Vicksta