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For all of those fetchies out there who:

1. Like Cake
2. Enjoy a cup of tea

3. Love running but it doesn't have to be fast or competitive, just do it for the fun.

Come and join us, we're a happy lot :)

Notes from Members

  • Rents says: Has anyone tried the Melrose Tart??
  • Non-runner says: Nothing can beat tea and cake!
  • becca7 says: Me too!
  • Lisrun says: Definitely the group for me ! :-):-)
  • Black Cat says: Sounds like the perfect group for a rendezvous!
  • purpleangie says: Yummy - Cake! Chocolate Cake, Coffee Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Carrot Cake, Fresh Cream Cake..............
  • Tuppence says: What is the most disgusting cake that you have ever eaten? For me, it was a so-called health muffin made with wheat-free flour. It was rubbery, tasteless and rather like chewing cushion stuffing. You ?
  • shampoo says: Cake! Yum Yum! love baking cakes but love eating them more! A nice cup of tea and a slice of cake!
  • Ha! Ha! says: ooooh cake!!and not running too fast..sounds alreeeet to me..
  • barking says: Oooo CAAYYYKKEEE :) As long as I don't have to drink the tea with it...
  • StormProof says: Sounds like my kind of group.
  • Karen T says: Wherever theres cake :-)
  • geordiegirl says: This group has my name written all over it - perfect excuse for a run cake cake cake
  • old father tim says: Welsh cake ?? (and carrot cake..)
  • Reiver says: Cake is ace.
  • Ashgreeno69 says: Victoria sponge for me Washed down with tea after race
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