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  • Artzam says: Im doing my 56 marathon at Windemere, just like you all, im after the 100 marathons, im already in the 100 marathon club but can not wear the vest yet, hope it still fits me when I do it
  • Harnser says: 97 only 3 to go, planned for June the 8th
  • Anna Finn says: 46 so far (beginning of April) including 3 ultras. Should get to 50 at Edinburgh and aiming for 100 by 30th November 2016, but hopefully before that! Great idea for a group FD! ;-)
  • kstuart says: 13 marathons or longer done so far, 3 more marathons for the year plus some longer stuff too it think. Intention was to do them all by the time i hit 40 so July 2017 then.
  • Donny Lad says: This group has rekindled a dream that I thought I had abandoned long ago. My list dates back from 1985 and numbers 86 at marathon distance or over.I have finally got round to submiting it to the 100 marathon club so this number could be less when they get back to me? However I have only done two in the last couple of years but have just started getting back into running again so who knows?. Great reading the threads, you are all refreshingly crazy inspirational people.
  • Foxy says: Looking to make 100 in 2011 at the Duchy, 2 years after my 50th at the same venue :)

    Seem to be a liitle ahead of myself next month will be my 100th in Nottingham :)
  • Naomi P says: 100 up at Malta :-) Thanks to everyone who came out, was a brilliant day :-)
  • tipsku says: 1 in 2010, 2 in 2011, 1/3 in 2012 so far. It's going to be a long way but I reckon I still got 30 odd years of long distance running in me so there's a good chance I'll make it.
  • SH_UK says: After the se of blue tops at last weekends Kent Roadrunner... I've decided to take up the challenge...
  • Goofee says: Same as Liz ^ not sure if I'll get there but giving it a go. It started with #1 in 2002, hated it, 10 year gap until #2, hoping to reach 10 this year.
  • Bunny007 says: 17 done only 83 to go. Addictive isn't it!!
  • London Nici says: Aiming to be wearing THAT shirt before my 45th! (Sept 2017)
  • ogee says: Come over to the dark side..... You know you want to:)
  • Joe Hawk says: It's all your fault :-)
  • Nightjar says: Ran 15 in 2008. Don't think it will be some many in 2009 - could be while before I get there!
  • hellen says: maybe one day but still a long way off
  • Binks says: Think I'm on 65 now. Was aiming to get to 100 before my 30th birthday but unlikely now that I'm focusing on the long stuff.
  • Tango (Adam) says: i did 25 marathons in 2008, it's only 4mouths in this year and i've done 12marathons. think i've got over 40 marathons planed this year. overall i've done 40marathons and 3 ultras = 43 :)
    hope to have done 100 marathon but mid year 2010
  • Lisrun says: This could take some time.... :-)
  • Shadow says: 53 now
  • SilBurBas says: 1 down (FLM '09), 99 to go....
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: Nice round 20 done
  • Slow Duck says: Slowly does it... hoping to get to 100 in 2012 (First one in 1992!). Currently on 77 - Oct 09.
  • AnneW says: Well i have done 11 since 2000 I dont know how people can do so many in one year it takes me weeks to recover from one.....
  • BlueWombat says: slow and steady, and we might get there
  • SiLeeds says: I am just starting my 100 Mara quest so any tips for races etc would be very helpful
  • Rents says: Got to start somewhere i suppose!
  • ChrisThePuma says: might get this on my 100th birthday the rate i am going...
  • davidwbush says: ... run forest run
  • flanker says: will get there sometime - it's something I'll hit as a by-product of other targets. Somewhere between 35 & 41 so far, depending what is allowed!
  • XB says: It's going to be a long slow venture but I'll get there. I always do:) 10 + 1 ultra done with another due on 07/11/2010
  • Prof Disco Dean says: well i have entered 4 this year maybe 5 a year till i'm 50=100
  • pinkladykat says: 2 down 98 to go
  • emdee says: I'm up to 8 now :)
  • Gritts! says: 16 for me :)
  • starky says: Just done my 25th at the poppyline, i blame this on Harnser.
  • Malc26.2 says: I wasn't sure whether trying to run 100 marathons is really a realistic challenge or just a dream but I've done 92

    so far and I can't get the idea out of my head. Nearly there now :o)
  • sebby says: Only 5 so far, but then 15 months ago I hadn't done any!
  • Tia says: I knew I couldn't resist! Only done 5 maras so far which is a start on the many many marathons I want to do:-)
  • DeeGee says: 27 73 to go, then!
  • B-Lass says: i have a stupid aim on when i want to do this by but we shall see how it goes :)
  • davidmarkuk says: 50th Marathon will be in dublin in october, gonna party after that, we'll see how long the next 50 takes, hopefully only two years, hi to all the TiT's on here!!
  • Sombrero says: So far (Oct 2010) I've done 3 marathons and 1 ultra. This may take some time, plus the ultra probably won't count as it was part of a longer ultra. So, 3 down.. 97 to go.
  • Roma says: Not going to knacker or bankrupt myself, but aiming to enjoy the journey and maybe get there before I'm 60!!
  • Silver Strider says: My first 2 were Bruxelles in 1988/89, no.3 was Hastings 2008. Highly unlikely to get there at that pace. Happily Sussex 2011 was my 10th time over the distance. Looking forward to some bigger years. :-)
  • TheOldGuy says: What, there's a "vest"? Wwoo-who! Now I am really going for it.
  • flyboydavey says: Up to 45 so far so I reckon the 100 is a distant possibility...............Hoping to do Chicago as my 50th !!!
  • AdminLiz says: Not sure if I will get there,but it all starts with one!
    First was June 4th 2012, will be on 10 by end of 2012
  • Craig_ says: runrunrun
  • lady alton says: I seem to have accepted that this is something I want to do so this is stage 1
  • Metro_Nome says: Quarter of the way there (plus 2 ultras that count, so more really!)
  • Toks says: Planning to make it to 41 marathons this year, no pressure 😊😊😊
  • Groundhog says: Now midway-ish on the 100 marathon journey. Did my first in 2013 (3 that year), then 5 in 2014 and 5 more by April 2015 and about 15 a year since and up to 68 now. My ambition is to get to 100 by the time my son is old enough to run a marathon - he's 14 and within the year he will have beaten my parkrun PB, so I'm clinging on to something that I can do and not get beaten by the kids. :-D
  • jabberknit says: Ran the London in 1982, then took 30 years off. Back to it now despite being a bit on the elderly side.
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