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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Moray and Inverness Local Fetch Group

15 members [See all]

Just an attempt to create a group in this area after hearing all the fun that others have elsewhere - why should we miss out coz we live in a lovely part of the world??

Could be a social group, could organise some local runs, anything you fancy really!

Anybody got any ideas? Suggestions? or similar?

Notes from Members

  • claramac says: how about 10 miles (ish)??? if starting at 2pm, should be done in couple of hours and then hit the pub!
  • Star says: can I join - tho I dont live in your lovely area - it's my spiritual home :-) and spend as much time in Aviemore and surrounding areas as I possibly can
  • boulders says: We can both come ! Boulders and dontdrinkthe water. Thanks Old Croc
  • Old Croc says: Okay - how about a relaunch????
  • Nessie says: Trying to get back into running but finding it hard with a small child and a severe lack of motivation. Need a kick up the bum if I'm going to be fit for the Inverness half in 2010
  • nlr says: I live in the north and run and stuff so let me in!
  • run2thehills says: Parents live in Forres so a regular vistor. Often run in the area when I'm up normally Culbin Forest or around Forres/Dyke/Rafford
  • c-a-t-d says: hi i live in inverness.. let me in!
  • BigLors says: Hiya - new runner, mum of 2yr old, shift worker, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow and unfit, but love it and will get better!!
  • MazH says: not really local but would travel for a run and a social!
Group admin: Old Croc
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