Notes from Members

  • Tumble says: Taunton
  • Burto says: You can take the boy out of Cornwall...
  • jmk4 says: Hi based in West Cornwall
  • Devonian Plodder says: North Devonian here! Hello!
  • Red Ant says: Hurrah! Thanks flying leek for organising this! :)
  • welly says: me me me - I live in the south west (just south of Bath)- cover the whole bloody region with work too - tis huge!
  • garfieldhouse says: Big region, but I'm sure we can organise something. :-)
  • skoorb says: Introduced to this site by charity, I would be well up for a mile tt as have never done one, I could probably sort out the use of our new track at Tavy if people want to use that ?
  • tom_craggs says: Currently live in London but borna nd raised in Somerset and a move to Cornwall beckons...
  • StormProof says: Rude not to join!
  • captainbread says: I'm new, I live in Bristol, I run - I like to eat, drink and be merry. please let me in!!
  • Shabby says: May I join this elite group of people please! Weston-super-Mare resident for the last 15 years (even though I'm a Welshie by trade!). Regular runner though the speed lets me down :( !
  • Wirzel says: Hiya all! Decided to join after reading threads for a while now. I live in Bridgwater(think I can safely say that qualifies as south west). Basically hoping just to talk running with like minded people.
  • smoke free says: Blimey some local (ish) people.... Can I play
  • meschee says: i live in near glastonbury... serious triathlete.....ironman here we come
  • goldbeetle says: Hi Im from Poole in Darzet
  • Yeti says: Can I be an honorary SW Fetchie? Live in Brum, but Cornwall is still (and always will be) home...
  • Cliffrunner says: Backwell, North Somerset
  • Blister says: Bristol
  • Spleen says: Add another one from Bristol... now in my second year of running and would be great to meet like-minded fetchies. :)
  • Phil-PZ says: says: Hello from Penzance, Cornwall.
  • LadyBee says: Just moved back to Frome from being all over the place. South west is the best!
  • Hourglass says: Hullo from Chippers :-)
  • KeefG says: Hi,

    Dorchester, Dorset
  • davidmarkuk says: Chipping Sodbury, the centre of the universe!!
  • ICanDoThis says: I'm from Cornwall and new to this group
  • JChiltern says: Exeter based newby
  • richmac says: Bath boy but lives in Yarkshire, need a little nostalgia
  • ruth77 says: Hello please may I join in? I'm from Yate, near Bristol.
  • Tubsey says: Always have been a South Westie moving from Wotton-under-Edge to Weston-super-Mare, must be something to do with the hyphonated names !!

    Starting again but seems much harder as the years roll by..
  • El Oso says: Yer my lovers, sat in the quantocks, watching the world go jogging by !
  • ultracollie says: North Devonian runner/fetchie hi all *waving enthusiastically* :-)
  • James74 says: Taunton here.
  • Granny2-3 says: Hello from Wiltshire.
  • Oscar the Grouch says: Hello from darkest Taunton
  • Running Duck says: Live in North Dorset, not actually running at the moment..................
  • maxthecat1 says: Hi, I live near Verwood....have run regularly, currently occasionally!
  • gojojo says: Live in south west Devon. Lots of hills, actively seeking flat bits to run on.
  • madmoosey says: Live in Plymuff!
  • Lizzybagwash says: Hi All
    I'm in Southwick Wilts
  • ♪♫ Synge ♪♫ says: Based in Bristol from 2007 to 2016, member of Westbury Harriers, moved to South Devon in 2016. Haven't seen any flat landscape - or many roads - since. Enjoying the trail running on Dartmoor and on the SWCP.
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