Notes from Members

  • Pllumby says: 4335 - Probably in a garish purple Kidney Research UK Top with Plumby on it
  • Grumpa says: First FLM,so will probably be alittle nervous.Only ever met a couple of Fetchies in the flesh so should be a blast to put some faces to names;)I will be in a fetchie shirt No 20603 with GRUMPA onit.:-)
  • Rapid Snail says: Will be in Tommy's charity vest. Although he wants it back after. First London marathon for me...think I'm in blue start.
  • plodding hippo says: I am usually at Red start, this will be a new experience!
  • Mutant Calfs says: I'll be in a red Bobby Moore Fund vest
  • Smileygirlie says: First time on the blue start... looking forward to the party ;-)
    ...and will be in Fetch home colours (red/yellow vest)
  • macca 53 says: looking forward to meeting some Fetchies in the flesh
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: I'll probably be too nervous to talk to anyone though!
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: Bright pink Parkinsons vest should hopefully have both names on it by then
  • Deenzy says: I will be mostly wearing a black Fetch vest or maybe a red one I cant make up my mind
  • Bosun Tony says: FETCH top, TONY on the front BOSUN TONY on the back, can't make it any easier than that ! Be great to meet loads of new fetchies :)
  • Lully says: Oh how v exciting. Should be in a fetch vest, Lully on the front. Eeeek it's getting close!
  • XB says: Getting excited.
  • Puffing Bertie says: Whoopie i get to start with Max and Le Greg :-)
  • clairster says: hi all :)
  • TRUCKER says: See you all there bring it on!
  • magsd36 says: running number 1910

    blue RSPCA vest, stupid grin and a bad case of pre race nausea.
  • barking says: AsthmaUK snot green vest, with Barking on it somewhere, over a Fetch shirt (as long as it isnt boiling hot)
  • Kwaka says: Seeing as it looks like the injury has cleared up and I can now run this, I thought I'd catch up with all the groups for FLM. Where we meeting? Anything I should know?
    Race No. 19225, running in Red & White HEART vest but will wander round in my black fetch top.
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