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For runners, volunteers and anybody who enjoys the growing number of parkrun events around the UK, from London, to Cardiff, to Glasgow. parkruns are weekly, free, 5km timed run organised by runners for the benefit of the running community. Plenty more at

Notes from Members

  • Kimbles says: Heading to Glasgow Parkrun on Saturday. Will be first of year and first for a few months. Need to get back to doing it on a regular basis :-)
  • Bayrunner says: I do the Newacastle parkrun
  • Grid says: I regularly run the parkrun at Hyde Park in Leeds.
  • JEB1974 says: Did my 1st parkrun last weekend, Hyde Park, Leeds. Loved it. Great atmosphere, definitely going to do it again.
  • Triplet Dad says: I'm at Edinburgh parkrun most weeks, either running or volunteering, come along and say Hi!
  • Dmanmoon says: Glasgow Parkrun-the toughest and the best!
  • leematt2k says: RUN, RUN, RUN.... Parkrun is amazing!!!
  • Nggroves says: I regularly run Victoria parkrun as well as being involved as a volunteer
  • RunningBob says: I organise Bramhall parkrun. We're hoping to have at least 2 more in the Manchester area shortly so should be a pakrunning hotspot.
  • Rob-H says: Done loads of Parkruns at Albert Park, Middlesbrough. Great event:)
  • plodding hippo says: I do the cardiff parkruns when i can.Pity there isnt one in the wst midlands
  • Caterpillar says: I have to join this really, being on the committee and all. :-)
  • McNewbie says: Heaton parkrun is on my doorstep, looking forward to spectating and *possibly* participating :)
  • Lizzie W says: Brighton & Hove
  • Mr. K. says: I try to go to the North Hampshire TT as often as I can...20 so far & counting.
  • GazM says: North hants TT...well soon anyway
  • JK *chameleon* says: Love the parkrun - the man Sinton-Hewitt is a god amongst men. Regular at Heaton parkrun, was there from the start, now am doing a 'world' tour ;)
  • Corona says: Basingstoke for me, though visiting others.
  • Brendan says: Just registered and looking forward to my first park run in 5 weeks time.
  • Dibble says: Reading is mine
  • mxhornet says: Now on 129 and looking forward to having a new local parkrun in October :-)
  • TRIumphant says: I'm a Cardiff ParkRunner
  • Hibby says: Hi anyone here do the Edinburgh Park Run? Any good? Would like to come along

    The cramond/silverknowes promenade, yes?
  • deansaliba says: I will be accommodating the Mile End parkrun into my training.
  • tiamo69 says: recently discovered 'parkrun' (May 2010) & have been working with Paul & Anita to bring pr to the Midlands.
    we maybe slow starters but we'll soon catch the Mancs up! :O)
    NB: one of four Race Directors for Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham (aiming to launch mid-August) & 'acting' RD for Brueton Park, Solihull; which launched last saturday, the 24th of July, with 50 peoples participating.

    (feel free to edit any of the above & put it in either a Brueton Park or Midlands pr thread)

    Sutton Park is next on list, other possibilities are Cannock Chase, Loughborough & Burton on Trent...
    watch this space... :O)
  • Roofus says: Going to try and run 50 this year, 19 so far.....
  • houchen says: Have done a couple of Frimley Lodge parkruns, both in 29 and a bit minutes, but would like to get under 29, even 28 minutes by the end of the year. Love the event and tell anyone who's even vaguely interested in running or fitness to come and join in.
  • Tav H says: Cardiff for me.
  • 154 Rob says: keep missing this through work or alcohol. Joining this WILL get my a$$ in gear. This week I'll be there. (Newcastle) UPDATE - made it! got wet, got a good time.
  • rodrunner says: parkrun is now an institution, it continues to grow. Am a regular at Bushy, but will be heading to others this year.
  • Garfield says: Frimley is my local parkrun...only 6 miles from me! Now to make it to more of them soon!
  • Karen S says: Did my first park run in Leeds on 13th Mar - loved it! Will go weekends when I'm not teaching yoga
  • Patty says: Regular Strathclyde parkrunner :D
  • yeo says: Usually work on Saturday mornings, but go to Gorleston whenever I can. Managed it twice so far!
  • Watford Wobble says: 17th July sees my first Park Run at Milton Keynes.
  • Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) says: Event Director at Bedfont Lakes :) although need to do more running and less directing ;)
  • Ron Burgundy says: Just registered... looking forward to the MK and Oxford parkruns!
  • YorkshireCraig says: Loving the new Barnsley Parkrun!
  • Fitz says: Joining the new Grovelands parkrun in Enfield, North London, starting Sat 24th July
  • fatchrisk says: Done 7 so far, 6 at Basingstoke, 1 at Frimley Lodge
  • Kenyan John says: I have just run my 50th park run today,12 February
  • Berni says: I'm signed up for Eastleigh. I haven't done many, the last few weeks have been really hectic, family, weddings etc but I love the sociability of the event and it's so well organised.
  • TheDuke says: Stumbled upon the Brighton and Hove Park Run at the beginning of 2010. Very impressed.
  • Rog36 says: I love Parkrun, no pressure to run fast and I appreciate how hard every runner tries especially the runners at the back.
  • anomis66 says: I&aps;m a regular at Woodley. parkrun has changed my life for the better.
  • Hyperboy says: cannot wait until they start the parkrun at falkirk
  • Hicky says: Braunstone Park, Ideal speed training.
  • Karen T says: Leeds Hyde Park runner
  • Scamp says: Am now a regular at Conkers parkrun and have run 12 different parkrun courses ;-)
  • Raino says: Hello fellow park runners! Just completed my first park run and thoroughly enjoyed it! I expect to be a regular now.
  • alisterrobson says: I'm the event director for Durham parkrun and the North East ambassador which involves helping start and support new events.
  • downsrunner says: Finally a parkrun for Bristol, at Ashton Court, starting officially 23 April 2011
  • run-forest-run says: Hi all, I am a newby to the parkrun world, took part in the First one at Conkers last week, great event :-)
  • mikem says: Recommend a visit to hull parkrun for a fast and scenic course
  • Spally says: A Park run in Liverpool has finally appeared - gonna make an effort and give it my support
  • OVERTHELAST says: What a great way to kick-off the weekend and how can you not fail to be inspired by all those fellow runners of all abillities competing with the clock (and scales!) every week to gain some personal glory.
  • Princess Pink! says: newport park run
  • mol says: I have now been to 4 parkruns in Aberdeen
  • Bob! says: setting up a new parkrun at Maldon Prom
  • AdminLiz says: Trying to bring parkrun to the east coast of Essex....Frinton & Walton/Clacton area
  • Jock Strap says: occasional runner at Brueton Parkrun, Solihull
  • mandy1412 says: Just started Parkruning, just started running. Great group of people!
  • westmoors says: Started at Poole and went when I could, which wasn't as often as I'd like, but that's the problem when parkrunday is also longrunday!
    Switched my home run to Bournemouth when that started in 2013. Now running every week as I've moved my training around so that Sunday is longrunday.
  • timi says: timi, valentine parkrun since feb 2011
  • TomC82 says: My Local Parkrun is Congleton
  • Rosemount Raver says: I love Aberdeen Park Run and the coffee afterwards
  • Gareth1956 says: Just started Parkruning, just started running. Great group of people!
  • MonkeyHands642 says: My very first parkrun at Bedford today. Really enjoyed it, thank you to everyone who helped and to the nice officials who clapped me as I puffed past.
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I'm near Huntingdon PR but also Bedford, Cambridge and Wimpole
  • RunningRonnie says: Hazlehead and Aberdeen
  • gorrestfump says: I have ran 20 Victoria Park, Belfast Parkruns and just took part in the 1st Ecos, Ballymena Parkrun on 31/03/12. Great concept & is showing the government how to approach health in communities. I have more respect for those running at the rear than at the front (not that I'm near the front!).
  • russwel says: Ipswich Parkrun starts this Saturday. Great that it's here, hope it takes off!
  • Littlesiany says: I have run the Cardiff Park Run three times now and I love it
  • Andy 1 shoe Money says: Hi I have 202 parkruns to my name. Mostly at Brueton in Solihull. :)
  • MACS-maddad says: My home one is Killerton Parkrun but do turn up for others as a tourist.
  • CumbriAndy says: RD at Fell Foot, Newby Bridge, S Lakes
  • Warndog says: Claisebrook Cove park runner. Hoping to attend every few weeks to keep the speed training going.
  • socks up to says: I regularly run Poole
  • Chramies says: Did Bushy for the second time on Saturday. First time at a parkrun with over 1,000 runners (first one, in 2015, was 998).
  • Big Steve says: My Local parkrun is St.Peters
  • Eynsham Red says: I'm not able to join my local running club as the club day clashes with other activities, so this is a great opportunity to run with others.
  • Steady as she goes says: I love the Crane Park parkrun. Lovely spirit, lovely people. And I don't mind that I've come last - honest!
  • Lip Gloss says: I enjoy the beach views of the Aberdeen parkrun
  • callumf says: This park run is fantastic
  • RevBarbaraG says: It was being talked into Parkrun that got me back into running regularly. I run at Mansfield.
  • madmoosey says: Plymvalley and Telford Park runs when I'm home in Blighty :)
  • joeloxley says: I am the pacer for Bradford parkrun. Can pace for any finishing time of 20 mins and upwards. If anyone has a specific goal for Bradford parkrun - just let me know and I'll get it in the diary.
  • tonyp2604 says: Heading towards 200 - should hit that by next summer. My plan is to get on the 20+ different parkruns table by the end of this year (on 18 as I write).
  • ColinH49 says: Ran my first Parkrun this morning. Pennington Flash. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to gaining that 100 shirt. Only 99 to go:)
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: Walsall parkrun ( although have been a tourist at a few others - but home is Walsall )
  • z1000jeff says: Why has it taken me so long to come round to Parkruns ? Now up at the crack of dawn most Saturdays to do Edinburgh. (Might give Falkirk a bash too quite soon.)
  • CJ75 says: Preparing for my 10th Parkrun in Aberdeen/Hazelhead at the end of this month :)
  • CDF says: I go to Newbury. It is a lovely one lap course with lots of cows and horses to cheer you on.
  • chunkywizard says: A Woodley regular. And part of the core volunteer team. Woodley is a 3 lapper in Woodford Park, come along and join in the fun
  • Ambling Andrew says: Favourite parkrun Leamington.
    Home Daventry
    1st Milton Keynes
    Only other Northampton
    Plan to visit more 2015
  • Runingman1441 says: Started running parkrun in 2006, home run is banstead woods, enjoying touring now
  • princess.allison says: I've just started going to the Perth Parkrun and intend to make that a regular thing in 2015.
  • Wacky Racer says: We may have Harwich as a park run in March/April this year and love the inclusion for all from a 16 min to a 40 min 5k er.
  • Groundhog says: Frimley Lodge parkrunner and sometimes a tourist - New Years resolution to do more tourist runs.
  • Captain S says: Love parkrun.
    I've done all of the Kent ones and have tried a few all over the country.
    I love the idea. Same run but in a different location with slightly different ways of presenting it.
  • gogoJoJo says: Getting back into parkrun again, mainly in Berkshire, Surrey area, great events for all involved.
  • Cavalinz says: I am a regular at Longrun Meadow in Taunton and recently earnt my 50 shirt!
  • Mummysaurus says: I'm a Run Director at Aldenham parkrun a beautiful trail run, we are celebrating our 1st Anniversary 18th June 2016 come and join us for some Cake
  • Rob p says: Regular at Sewerby Park run near Bridlington
  • Pothunter says: regular at Greenwich
  • The Mussile says: Run Director at Pomphrey Hill
  • Cowbag says: Risingsun, Wallsend is my home parkrun. Due to work commitments only manage once a fortnight 🤨
  • AndyS says: Hi, I'm Andy and I'm a parkrunner. If you're ever at Mile End come and say hi. Most of the regulars there know me...
  • mandyr16 says: I try to run Oldham parkrun each week and when not running I volunteer. Lovely park to run round, but a little on the hilly side.
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