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Let campaign Sir Fetch to get some Fetch car stickers made up so we can display our gang colours on our cars for moments when we are not in our Fetch stuff or running.

Notes from Members

  • Tom Tom says: Yes please!! And am particularly fond of the "my knees are fine", "arguing with strangers on the internet" and "I don't jog, I run" slogans...
  • SuzeeDiamond says: yes please
  • Zehnderboy says: Yes please - great idea to bring Fetch to the masses, loving the slogan Don't just run it. Fetch it!
  • firemannotsam says: Please add yourself to this group to show Sir Fetch that we really want these :-)
  • Haddi :-) says: please :)
  • Meglet says: yes please! "I'd rather be running" gets my vote so far
  • Girlie says: yes, please, anything with Fetch on it gets my vote:-)
  • TooLilac says: I don't jog. I run.
    the 'meet strangers off the internet' one

    To run is human, to Fetch is divine.

    (please please not the (*) (*) !!!)
  • Qwerty says: mmm yes please :-)
  • Bolt says: Nice idea. Can I suggest 'Don't just run. Fetch' or 'Don't run. Fetch' or, in homage to a certain shoe manufacturer 'Just Fetch it'. Alternatively how's about 'Veni, Vidi, Fetchi' with apologies to old Caesar (ran in open toed Nike Etubrutes apparently)
  • RunnerBean1978 says: yes please.
  • philg72 says: Don't just run it. Fetch it! - gets my vote also!
  • stubanch says: good idea
  • moorey says: just fetch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Strutbrother says: Ahhhh, stickers!!!!!!
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