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Join this if you're interested in doing a thon i.e. a month (March, June, September, December) where you run EVERY DAY for at least a mile at a speed of at least 15 minutes per mile.

I'm trying to have one overall group rather than lots of little groups.

Notes from Members

  • Big Al Widepants says: I'm in
  • swerver says: Anyway can I use bike miles as I have a four day 200 mile bike ride in early June or do I have to run as well !?!?
  • PeterG says: Fetchathoners - I've found this one late so it's September for me :)
    I'm in
  • Bimblebelle says: I need to do an anythingathon......lard arse!
  • sallykate says: Aiming for December 2009 -- never managed it before!
  • Old Man says: Did the Decemberthon in 08, now thinking about June - its come round quickly!!
  • RobK says: I did Sptemberthon but had to miss Decemberthon. These are great to kick start any training or keep you motivated. I'm in.
  • Qwerty says: ...but will it rid me of my winter lard@rse and help me find my missing mojo?
  • Sparky68 says: It's on...
  • Jobe says: Did the Septemberthon in 2008. 'Bout time I had another go.
  • Ultradunc says: Its extra time on the pc , so what the hell ;-)
  • mxhornet says: Day one will hurt no doubt, but at least it should get easier as the month progresses.
  • tulip says: bring it on!! :-)
  • Magbag says: never give up :)
  • E.C.N. says: oh why not then? 250 miles for september 2010, place your bets now ;-)
  • Kev Scone says: am in for september again this year :)
  • tuga says: I will try again :)
  • stuart little says: Seems rude not to really (common sense permitting of course!)
  • swittle says: December 'Thon was *challenging* last year - let's hope for better conditions in 2010. Good luck! :)
  • Dave A says: Going to have a whirl at Juneathon:)
  • Vicksta says: OK, I've not done one of these yet so Juneathon 2009 it is!
  • TooLilac says: mebbe...
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Might fail on day one as I'm away at a festival...
  • WA says: I'll try anything once
  • Shin-Twigs says: never tried a full month of running every day will see how we go.

    after several failed attempts, September will be my month
  • becca7 says: Coped with Septemberthon and Decemberthon 2009 and Juneathon and Septemberthon 2010. Bring on the rest...
  • Peteb69 says: Will try to keep this up have some good races planned for this month.
  • kevhoop says: fingers crossed
  • jonrm says: Going to have a go at this in December. Great idea
  • MissChappo says: Am gonna give December 09 a go
  • cathrobinson says: OK, will give this a bash...
  • The Flying Fifer says: December..dark nights, cold weather, excitable kids...and running!
  • Milou says: Going to use this as a 'trial' before 'possibly' committing to a continuous 'streak' in the New Year!
  • Corona says: December 09, Might as well start and see how it goes :-o
  • Excitabubble says: I need something to help with the motivation so I'll give this a go
  • Fat Dave says: Aye, I'll give it a go. No promises, mind.
  • StormProof says: Gulp!
  • Philippe Flop says: Using this as an incentive to get close to 1000 miles for the year!
  • spikeyboy says: Normally do more cross training (well, just other things really) than running. This seems daft enough to go for though .....
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: Hoping to join for Jan '11 :-)
  • Johnny Blaze says: Ready to GET IT ON! Lock and Load! OOH YEAH BABY! Bring it home to papa! I'm making biscuits and the oven is hot hot hot!
  • ChrisVilla says: First attempt at it; should be fun!
  • banners70 says: June 1st and an easy 1.26 miles logged :)
  • CottamRunner says: Doing my best to run all the way through June - around a Stag Do and Wedding Anniversary - so we'll see how it goes! :-)
  • markuu says: Saw this and thought I'd have a go at Septemberthon
  • Southcoastpete says: Yep, I'll join in :)
  • PaulaMc says: September - let's give it a shot
  • jiminy cricket says: Can anyone play? Don't know if this is still an active thread but it seems a fun notion. Was attracted to the Decemberathon but am trying a Novemberathon as practice. So far, so good and it's already 4th (now 9th) November. I like the fast walk option (which I've already called into use twice (several times)) In maintaining the ethos of "...athon", is it permissable to cross train rather than run/walk?
  • katypie says: This was fun last year :)
  • Musical Journey says: I need something to motivate if I've over indulged on the Christmas cheer the night before ;)
  • Lills says: Will do this challenge next year, hopefully in June when I have had my baby!
  • the_dobster says: I've been doing this in December, without even knowing there was a group! Bring it on!
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