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For those of us who have either been to a NW mile, or want to go. Or just like talking to us<br>
General group so we can keep track of any future fixtures. <br>
News of the next NW mile, is that it will be a NEW(north east wales) mile on <br>
July 11th at Connahs Quay track, Deeside North Wales at 2pm.

Notes from Members

  • lizogical says: I live near Chester :)
  • Uniqua The Pink Knight says: Don't let Benjo join.
  • jennywren says: Go on then
  • Fee says: 'Citing!
  • keelerunner says: good one m4p! when's the next mile?
  • KickedIt says: ermm.. I'm a fetchie and I live in the north west...
  • Alberon says: Think I'll join if that's ok? Would like to do a mile.
  • Deva Duck says: ok
  • officebased says: Living in the NW, looking for someone to motivate me for the training I need for the Edingburgh marathon
  • WobblyBob says: New Fetchie based near Blackpool - can i join :-)
  • lancyman says: Newbie in lytham st Anne's.
  • cityBen1983 says: I live in Chester!
  • whiskey says: erm i'm a beginner but i hope you'll let me join in.... please
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