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The group for anyone interested in long distance triathlon.

Feel free to share your thoughts/hopes/dreams/fears...

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  • Broccers says: Become Iron at the Outlaw 8/08/10.
    Amazing day. 14:33 final time which is miles better than I was hoping for!
  • SteveParkes says: aiming for full iron distance before the end of 2012.
  • Runs4beer says: Outlaw 2010 entered. Bring it on!!!!
  • Deenzy says: Its gonna happen! 2011 at the latest but probably next year, I am going to beat BB too ;)
  • TRO Saracen says: IMDE done (11:53). I have looked in the future and there will be a sub 11 attempt somewhere and also have a feeling there's a Norseman in me at some point (ooeer). But 2012 is looking like middle distance at the mo'
  • AJPAR says: IMDE 2010!!!!!!
  • KarinB says: Outlaw triathlon entries have opened! Are you in?
  • Toks says: hats off to all of you doing an IM this year, i would love to one day but my swimming is not up to scratch, need a lot of work in that department!
  • C-Cat says: UK (Sherbourne course) 2008 14 hours 18 minutes
    Austria 2010 13 hours 18 minutes
    xxx 20?? 12 hours 18 minutes would suit me just fine ;) but no date set... yet ;)

    2011 plans - half distance at Big Cow... will see how that goes before future plans emerge :p
  • dan_a says: Outlaw 2010 for me :) Job done!
  • Highlanderchick says: Hi I have completed 4 x 70.3 Ironman distance Tri's, for 2013 I have signed up for a full Ironman, HELP!
  • holgs says: Completed the Outlaw 2010 ( bringing the IM total to 3 ), bad day at the office, but very rewarding to have stuck at it and finished in 14.:17
    This year been busy with a new baby and book promotion, doing a half Ironman in Ely.
    Have entered Ironman Lanzarotte in 2012 and will be following that up at the Oulaw.
  • Deliboy says: Ive completed 3 half iron distances and now training for IM Lanzarote next May!
  • chesilboy says: Ironman UK Bolton in 2011 - 11:53. Just entered the Outlaw 2012.
  • Jock Strap says: Aiming for IM Wales 2013. Longest triathlon to date as at 31.12.2012 = sprint distance, mainly due to weak swimming. Have run 1 marathon (2011) and several halfs in the last couple of years.
  • JP. says: Did the Uk MDot in 2010 - will i ever get the time to do another ?
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