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  • Argie says: I have been wanting it really badily for over a fucking year now but for some lame reason or another it hasn't happened. Shame on us for not electing someone to do it.
  • Highlanderchick says: 2 peice lady fit Tri Suit, please.
  • AJPAR says: Possibly some kit for training.
  • Moffatt666 says: Tri kit, seeperate top and shorts (i look like a met balloon in all-in-one) if you would!
  • Dibble says: cycle top & shorts would be great
  • phewww! says: tri suit please and t shirt. Thanks
  • jude says: Yes! Give it me NOW
  • Recoil says: deffo in for some shorts, probably wouldnt buy a top unless it was short sleeved :)
  • Cheeseman75 says: Yes please plus can the cycling shirt include gel pockets at the back, and reading some of the older entries include padded cycle shorts would be a brilliant idea. Medium or large would be fine.
  • HayleyB says: Tri suit, cycling top, please please
  • Nick Cook says: Tri suit for me
  • peachy says: Yes please i want one .
  • TT1981 says: yes please
  • dan_a says: Fetchie tri-suits would rock.
  • paulcoz says: Yes pleaseeeeeee!
  • Meglet says: tri top or cycling top please
  • Wes-H says: Hi I'm new to triathlons and thought I'd enjoy reading the threads :-) cheers Wes
  • Tri2Flea says: yes please, tri shorts and top, like the HTFU suggestion!!:D
  • Legless says: I want everything
  • Skunk says: go on then give it to me!
  • GregP says: I want it all. Preferably with a subtle reference to the Hotel Bastardos...
  • jangles says: Cycling top would be great
  • Stepford Wife says: Maybe interested. Cycling shirt would be good.
  • Southwales22 says: cycling shorts & top sounds good to me :)
  • Farnie says: I'd love a cycle top, and shorts would be mega
    Can we get sponsorship from Skins so I can have a tri suit that makes me look thinner
  • Haddi :-) says: fetch tri kit yes yes yes :)
  • Blotts Mate says: A new stock of Fetch buffs would be good :):):)
  • cathrobinson says: Cycle top please :)
  • Jason1969 says: Tri kit before the end of August please
  • WD40 says: tri suit and cycling top and shorts
  • Rents says: wow - more fetchie clothing.. yes please!!
  • Turkhish says: Tri suit preferably - and tri kit would be great!
  • SherryB says: Cycling top, red and black would be good. I wouldn't want shorts. Short or long-sleeved.
  • Qwerty says: Top for me please :-)
  • Smileygirlie says: with padded ladies' version... for extra protection ;-)
  • SilentTim says: I want a Fetch Tri suit :)
  • Monkex says: Cycling top would be fab :-)
  • JoH says: Yep, I want a super flattering trisuit!! What about a Fetch wetsuit?! :)
  • Grid says: I am not a tri-ceratops but, nonetheless, I would like a XL cycling top please.
  • martin K says: Yes Please to Tri Kit.
  • Max71 says: Black tri suit....F-dot. in red and some go faster stripes in red and yellow
  • gaz1 says: New to the website and addicted already - would be great to get some kit.
  • Chris the Fish says: Tri suit would be great or separates (cycle shorts/top/cycle top)

    in fact just do a whole range and get some small children to make it to keep the price down ;)
  • running fish boy says: i'd like it fact i need 1 aha :))
  • Ellem says: Fetch trisuit please :-)
  • BradCordell says: woohooo bring on the lycra!
  • The Scribbler says: Yes please! Tri-suit or top and shorts please. Or - and this maybe simpler in terms of sizes - what about a Fetch towel?
  • Northern Exile says: Yep, defo interested if the colours are right. Red/Black sounds good, think a cycle shirt would do it.
  • Mother T says: Fetchie Tri kit....fetching!
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: Cycle jersey sounds good, shorts too...
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