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  • Enigma says: 5 Halfs with my 6th this week (Aviemore). The last 3 have all been 1:33 something. I just need to go a wee bit quicker each mile and...
  • Sonneur37 says: I last managed it at it still physically possible???
  • Jamis says: I ran 1:29 in Glasgow 1/2, 9 year ago and the last few 1/2s have been around 1:45. Determinded to do sub 1:30 in next years Glasgow half.
  • Son of a Pronator Man says: nailed it , now for sub 1:25
  • TRO Saracen says: 1:30:16 at the GRunty Fen half in September. Thought I was 35-40 seconds off 1:30 with a mile to go, but chip time had me much closer and who knows whether I could have found those 17 precious second had I known how near it was.....Jan 2008 finds me way off the shape I was in then, but realy to give this a go for 2008.
  • Jezzer says: Yes - cracked it! Did Great North West half in 1:28:26 - vey pleased indeed.
  • SarahL says: I have just joined this group! Just smashed half mara from 1.48 to 1.36. Now I *want* sub 90... stamps feet :)
  • Keefy Beefy says: PB is close but I have concerns the distance wasn't accurate. I can't believe I was within 30 seconds of it.
  • Tom Tom says: Managed 1.31.03 on a windy day this month-not sure if I can actually go sub 1.30, but am willing to work my ar5e off trying!
  • R4R says: used to knock off this sort of pace in training but can only dream of it these days. But hey, we can all dream ! Just done first half in 2 (or is it 3 ?) years - 1:39 at Helsby. So 1:35 at Liverpool is next target, then 1:30 later in the year. Why not ?
    * UPDATE * 23/2/09 Just gone sub 1:35 at GNW, so maybe not so far-fetched after all
  • Forest Runner says: 51 half marathons and I still haven't gone under 1:30. Getting back to the sort of form required to have a serious attempt at it now.
  • Hamster1207 says: Just done 1:38 at Inverness so I've left the sub-1:40 group and joined the sub-1:30 group. Got a few races planned so we'll see how the year progresses. Maybe by this time next year I'll be joining the sub 1:20 group ?!
  • Cavehill75 says: Only ever done one 1/2Marathon in Chester, 1999. Ran it in 1.29 something....(not sure, didn't really take it that seriously). Started running again in 08 and hoping to run a seriously good time this year for HM. I've two in the near future. One in June (hilly) and one in September (Dublin, flat + fast). All part of my build up to first marathon (NY in Nov 08).
  • Joe Hawk says: This is my next target.Currently at 1:39. That will be broken at Wycombe 20/7 but I think that 1:30 is pushing it on that course.Blew Up after 8M.
    Just ran 1:28:59 at Windsor 21/9/08 :-)
  • SuzyWoo says: Need to knock off 6 mins please!!!!
  • nebben92 says: Never ran a half marathon before, but would like to run one this upcoming spring...hopefully I can break 90 min. there
  • arbster says: First HM was 1:33:40 on a fast course, so really have some work to do to get some more speed for the next one.
  • CheekyP says: Update 1:29:43 at watford!!! well happy :)

    Can I stay in?
  • Wirzel says: Got to knock off 4 1/2 mins to achieve it.
  • Tubsey says: Ran Bath 1/2 in 2008 - along with all the others waited for a delayed start and missed the elusive 1.30 by 1 min 32 secs - This year I'm going for it !!
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Just did my first and was a smidge over 1:30. Which is annoying enough to make me want to do another. EDIT: DONE - 1:28:31 at a hot and hilly Haddington Half (talk about alliteration)!
  • cawillemat says: Ran 1.30.11 last year, hoping to get below the magic 90mins in 2009...
  • Vindicator says: Did 1:30.12 at Reading in 2009. Knocking off 1 second per mile cannot be that hard surely...?
  • ultrabaldy says: hastings in 3 weeks,gonna run me arse off!!
  • neil2636 says: 1:35 at leicester, next half in december. any tip's?
  • Dannyboy01 says: You BE-auty, 1.29.03 at the Catforth Half this morning. Set off quicker than planned but managed to hang on in the end.
  • MuzzaC says: Only run one half a couple of months ago and managed 1.33. Felt i could of pushed a lot harder and should have gone under 1.30.
  • Lexo says: Times last year 1:32:43:1:32:23,1:30:29,1:30:20,1:33:43 Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its doing my nut in. last attempt was Amsterdam half but didnt realise a half is 21.12 KM not 21KM !!!! finished 20 secs too slow...very annoying.
    4 of my 6 HMs this year have been quite tough affairs so hoping to dip under at Edinburgh Chris hoy HM next year as its 1) By far the fastest course Ive run , 2 ) outside my door so howm territory. Would have probably done it this year at Edinburgh but ran my first sub 40 min 10k on the Saturday and then ran the HM on the Sunday..not my best idea ...:(...2010...RESULLLT !!! 88 minutes 35 secs and Chris Hoy HM.hit 6:45 miles pretty much bang on and very happy to lay this boggey too bed...Next up sub 1:25 :)
  • hilts says: Very pleased to have run 1.29 at the Chester Half on May 16th. It was first attempt. Thank God for my Garmin which kept me exactly on the pace.
  • Rod the plod says: I want to crack 1.30 this year - either at Run to the Beat or Amsterdam! If I managed 1.31.26 at Brighton in the howling wind and rain with the right training surely I can do it?!
  • OsloNeil says: Haven't run an actual Half for 2 years, so have an "official" PB of 1.44.44 from that race.

    Did manage a 1.36.23 split for the first half of the Paris Marathon this year (2010) though. Does that count?

    Now gonna start training towards a Half in September. 1.2x.xx here we come.
  • northern_runner says: Did sub 1:30 once in 2009 and haven't got close since. Could be a target for 2011.
  • nickyq says: Had run a 1:35 on a hilly course with three miles off road so had an inkling it was going to be on the cards at some point. Having been plauged with shin splints during the summer I thought it was going to have be a goal for later in the year. Lake Vrynwy provided an excellent half marathon course to give it a go and I got 1:29:53.............. :-))) Very happy ....just a pb in Snowdonia now and that will finish off the year nicely. Good luck one and all xx
  • OVERTHELAST says: Targetting Brass Monkey 2012 for this one, which should help sharpen and focus my winter training programme.
  • spikeyrossco says: I ran 1:30:23 on Sunday at Bridgwater half have Bristol half this Sunday fingers crossed that was my fastest time for 5 years. My best is 1:30:04 :-(
  • Johnwelshmorris says: Conwy half marathon 1:28!
  • BRM says: Going for sub 1:30 in two upcoming halfs - Birmingham and St. Neots (more likely).
  • Shoddy says: Getting back into things after a break, once managed 1:28 and want to get there again
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