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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Fetchie Teachers

52 members [See all]

Do you spend your day in the company of impressionable young people?
Do you scare small children with 'the look'?
Do you have envious friends jealous of your weeks of holiday every year?
If so, you must be a teacher/wannabe teacher/student-teacher/education professional. Join the Fetchie Teachers gang!!

Notes from Members

  • Mrs Runner Duck says: I'm a TA in Secondary Maths...supporting both teachers and adolescent boys!!!
  • lifeboatjohn says: Been teaching in middle and prep schools for a dozen years now, secondary trained as a Geographer and since then have taught everything but art, music and literacy...love it every day and can honestly say that I have never once moaned about my job.
  • Angelplodder says: Hello. Just found this group. Can I join? I teach part-time.
  • hepburn says: I teach secondary English and AS/A2 Communication and Culture
  • bigmunnki says: I get 16 weeks!
  • Barky says: Just finished my PGCE :) - job next
  • suzeedee says: My name's Suzeedee and I'm a....teacher....*hangs head in shame*
  • Pippi says: I teach KS1 in "interesting" Birkenhead!
  • oceanspirit says: Hello. Secondary science teacher here.
  • MathsRunner says: Maths teacher and Head of Year in a Norfolk secondary academy. Started running a year ago and have become addicted. Helps to clear my head at the end of a long day and it's more fun than marking!
  • T39 says: I'm a primary head teacher!! I get to shut the school for snow!
  • Carrot Cake 7 says: secondary PE and need to practice what I preach!
  • GimmeMedals says: I'm a Headteacher...been teaching since 1992 in primary schools. Love it!
  • banners70 says: running at the end of the day is the only thing that keeps me sane!
  • EvilPixie says: Starting PGCE Secondary ICT in Sept 2010!
  • The Terminator says: Sixth form lecturer in Business and ICT, did secondary PGCE 2005-06. Love it usually
  • Special*K says: Just started teaching KS2. Hi everyone!
  • runningoncoffee says: Hi everyone

    Just joined Fetch, and updating my profile. Stumbled on all of you!!

    I'm a Primary Teacher and have been for 13 glorious years.
  • spinkle says: Teach KS1 - I love those little monkeys!
  • samson says: Secondary science teacher.....oh, and a flaming lesson of ICT!!
  • aj74 says: I am a Deputy Head in Middlesbrough. Only teach a bit now but that is still the best part of the job. History and Politics are my two subjects. Best job in the world.
  • johnylar says: I am a Deputy Head in a secondary schoo
  • Weekatiepea says: Hello! I am a Fetch newbie and also a Primary Teacher in Aberdeen since 2005
  • ♣BelleVueRacer♣ of Beartown says: Maths teacher. An utter bore at dinner parties.
  • cpea says: LOVE my job (mostly), HATE my job (sometimes - but with such passion it needs a mention), get the best highs imaginable professionally, the worst lows and both at huge cost. People who don't do what I do have no idea (holidays blah blah blah; those who can blah blah blah) but all have an opinion - yet I do the most important job in the world...and I'm trying out the running thang!!
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Preston-resident teacher of foreign languages to the impressionable youth of a town where fences are valued more than cattle.
  • Speckled Henny-Penny says: My name is Teachergirl and I am an Englsh Teacher in a secondary school and a Head of House - sadly, not Griffindor!
  • LorraineS says: I'm more education professional than teacher as I'm a university lecturer in education
  • missvivvy says: Geography teacher - KS3, KS4 & KS5. HoY 12. I can only really handle the big, less whiny ones!
  • Nelski says: Eye alm Ann English teacher two. #:oD
    Sorry, couldn't resist the paradigmatic alternatives there.
  • Stilldreaming says: I'm a HLTA in a junior school and I love my job :-)
  • ivanlees1956 says: Hi Secondary RE teacher in Norfolk - Been doing the job for nearly 40 years!! Still love the job but its the running that keeps me sane or maybe insane!!
  • Rapunzel says: I'm a pre-service secondary technologies and science teacher in South Australia
  • princess.allison says: I teach secondary English
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