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Hi everyone

Please sign up to this group if you are interested in taking part in a study relating HR data and training / racing. The results of the study will be published on the site and hopefully incorporated into its functionality, i.e. to provide accurate guides to training / race potential, based on your current training etc. I will also provide you with a detailed summary of your individual statistics!
To take part in the study ideally you should have been using an HRM for at least 3 months, use it fairly regularly, log your training religiously on Fetch (and differentiate between training types) and be happy for me to pester you with questions (if needbe) about your training.
You will need to answer a short questionnaire at the start of the study, which I will fmail you and I'll liaise with the main man Fetch to determine the best way to obtain your training data!
All the best!


Notes from Members

  • Pippi says: I'm 47, female, a fairly slow runner, training for half marathon in autumn and potentially a full mara next spring (VLM or a. n. other). I use my HRM for pretty much all my training, but not in races, and have been uploading all my training to Fetch since January. Find it hard to get the HR as low as it 'should' be. Have a pretty low RHR 39.
  • tuck up says: I am 45 and used to run a lot until 1991, then had a 16 year 'rest'. I had been training for about 19 months on a treadmill, but now for the past 4/5 months I have only trained outside 3 or 4 times a week for between 25/30 miles per week.
    My HR AV seems to be rarely under 150 and wonder if this is okay.
  • gazzata says: Hi I 've used a heart rate monitor pretty much solidly for the last ten years. Never been very sure that it's best for me but I persist. If anything I think it's made me slower. Couldn't possibly be old age. :-)
  • Westley says: I do not pay enough attention to my HR and run by pace and feel. However, I am intrigued why sometimes an easy run at a particular pace my yield an average HR of 128-130, while another at the same pace and seemingly similar conditions can yield a HR considerably higher. I would be especially interested in the influence of Circadian cycles.
  • baz p says: just started HR training. Max 193 (done on a 10k but should be higher), resting 45. just now by sub 70% rec runs are 9:20 so aerobically NOT fit! even tho i am 1:18 for 1/2 and 2:58 for full. scary.
  • Berni says: I'm just curious, I'm 57, have a resting heart rate of 39/40 bpm I've kept fit all my life even as a drinker and smoker, I gave up smoking years ago. I run and x-train regularly, I was out with injuries last year but x-trained and now I've started running again, my HR didn't alter much and is back to it's old self. How many other people my age have a low HR
  • Jon_T says: Just trying to get my head around HRM at the moment, have had several runs using said contraption and will master this by christmas! If its not too late, I would like to join this group
  • Garfield says: I've been running to HR for about 6 months now and it would be interesting to monitor it a little more closely. Hopefully it's not too late to join the group.
  • tipsku says: Hi Boycie, I've been running regulary since August 2010 and I've been using a Polar HRM since January 2011. I'd like to take part in your study to see how I do, if you still take new candidates.
  • narrowboat says: Being 68 I run on level ground most of the time, it’s my speed that varies. Main causes are humidity and temperature, and I suspect what I’ve eaten in the hours before running makes a difference.
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