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  • Joolie says: Hi trying to get back into running after first baby. Would like some good ideas re nutrition due to tiredness and how to get back to old times arhhhh!
  • glowy says: started running with the buggy, and contrary to expectation enjoyed it!
  • MOUNTAIN GOATESS says: Have joined now in anticipation....but probably won't start running again until around July! Can't wait!!!
  • Gaubfar says: have to join as do all my running with buggy at mo so OH can get back into running
  • katypie says: In anticipation!!! again
  • Cazaroo says: Had my 2nd baby boy on August 6th 09 and have since discovered the freedom of buggy running! recently bought an Instep 10k which we love and want to be in touch with like-minded folk so when I get the funny looks, I'm safe in the knowledge I'm not the only one doing it!!
  • mummyV says: was running a bit with a rubbish jogger with baby no1, now running with the same one with baby no2 but need a proper jogger as the one i have is really just a 3 wheeler buggy :-)
  • Strawbs says: am running with my 2 in double buggy as its the only way I get to train! We all love it, the 2 year old goes to sleep while my 4 year olds constant questions while running up hill are an additional challenge!
  • Gijima1 says: only due on 27 June 13 with 1st (and only), but never too soon to by immersing and investigating!
  • Weedawn says: Mum of one - who tries to fit in 3 runs a week :-)
  • Magster says: First trip out with our wee one done :-) don't plan to do every run together, but the first 20 mins (while she was happy) was fine!
  • Weekatiepea says: I have an 18 month old but I've not tried running with the buggy yet, I usually leave him in the creche or with hubby while I run.
  • faithfulred says: As a proud daddy I've been running with the Performance Babyjogger a few times now. My little girl loves it and is either singing or sleeping while I put in all the effort. The looks and comments I get from passers by also makes the run more interesting!
  • DagenhamSal says: In excited anticipation!! I've got 5 weeks til baby is due and can't wait to get back running xxx
  • fonch says: Mum of baby Freya whose nearly 6 months old. Getting back to running when I can and loving it.
  • MightyMidget says: My 13 month old will only tolerate half an hour max in her buggy... but trying to get out for more runs now without her!
  • Insomniac says: Still 7 weeks till my due date, but looking forward to running with sproglet and looking to buy the best baby jogger
  • Feebee101 says: Hi I am a FTM and a previous marathoner, now getting back into running. I would love to learn the best way to run with my baby (now almost 7months), stroller to use, and especially - running with LO in the cold, if that is ok, how best to dress the baby. Of course - any other words of wisdom incl how to just get back into it, exercising, running, eating better, becoming a mom really knocked my exercise and fitness routines!!
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