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  • The Pidge says: My German Short-Haired Pointer Hendrix was a key element in my training plan for the Edinburgh Marathon in 2012, and does all my long weekend runs with me, up to HM distance- which I have arbitrarily limited him to. He could, I'm sure, go further, and hates it when I leave him but then continue running alone.
    Have joined the new Colchester Cani-Sports group, where we do regular group Canicross runs. Have now started entering formal races with Hendrix - Suffolk Coastal Trail 10k and "Tuffman" so far ....
  • PonyGirl says: Short runs with my dog Lily, a labrador-staffordshire bull terrier cross.
  • ultradunc says: Running with Hector (GSD) is fun , always has his radar on for anything that moves . Longest run is 27 miles !
  • firerob1 says: i run with my jack russel ailsa,furthest she has been is 5 mile but could go a lot further,only problem she does not like puddles lol
  • WeimaRunner says: 3 weimaraners + 1 pug to choose from. The pug hasn't come off the bench as yet!
  • ogee says: Run with both my cocker spaniels whenever I can. They can both go for about 7 miles by my garmin, but they probably do about 10 with all the shuttling back & forth they do.:)
  • beef says: 2 retrievers love running as much as me
  • emmanicholls says: Have a new labrador puppy, 4 months old at the moment. Hoping to run with him when he's older.
  • Hohum says: A little older now. Maggie is now about 8. We took in another failed working dog- Duke, collie x huntaway, noisy. We get out most days on the hills.
  • Eternal plodder says: When not on the treadmill my running partner is Fino. He is a rather large, gangly legged wolf like creature. No idea what he is as he was a dumped doggy. Buddy would like to be my running partner but he likes to stop and pee every two inches!20 dogs to choose from!
  • MK.aidy says: I run and mountain bike with my brown and white collie, Callie. She's up for running 24/7, rain or shine she loves clocking up some miles in the woods. She is coming up for 2 years old now and introduced her to it all very slowly over the last year. Right now her fitness levels are going through the roof. Only draw back is all the mud at this time of year, she loves it!!
  • andy770 says: Have just started jogging with my 2 dogs, 1 a mad border collie who goes for miles, and 1 a very lazy golden retreiver, 5 miles is her and my limit at mo, she's great resistance training! very reluctant to run beside me so end up pulling her along! any tips fm anyone would be good
  • Oven Gloves says: I run with my two rescue Border Collies Sparky and Skip. I run everyday and the only time the dogs don't come with me is for races and running club sessions. They love it and have been on runs up to 20 miles.
  • kerry c says: Jambomo is ure greyhound a retired one , only I'm not sure if u can run them after racing?
  • susietwoshoes says: My lab. Kona is turning out to be a fantastic running buddy. We are having great fun together.
  • Bonio says: Run much faster with Purdey power. My favourite running buddy. 4½ year old lab. We've also run three Canix events now.
  • Rick H says: Alfie the Wonder Dog!! - Black Lab, 5 years old.
  • because-of-my-angel says: Run with my rescue mutt who goes loopy when I get my trainers out. We go out in all weathers and Dog wishes I didn't get injured so much.
  • Kyoko says: Hi! Running with kids (yes, dogs) is fun, fun, fun!
  • Hodge68 says: started dog running with Alfie, bless him .Getting my new dog Rudi(Boder terrier)in to running, she is only 10 months old so lucky im slow, and we can build it up together.
  • KeefG says: Run with my two Border Terriers - Popcorn and Porter. Must be said they lack a bit of commitment in the warmer weather. Although, I notice they take off quick enough to chase deer or rabbits when we come across them...
  • stubanch says: hes a black lab ,called Jasper 18 month old and i wish i had his stamina ,and his coat its git glossy
  • pseudorunner says: Run with one of our 3 BCs- Freddie,4 the youngest is great as he adapts to my pace straight away and doesnt get distracted by anything, Ronnie, 7, takes about 1/2 mile to realise that yes that is how slow we are running today and is always stopping to mark lamposts, Mary, 8, good on lead, but off lead she has a habit of jumping round my ankles.
  • CaniRuna says: Rocky, my beagle, loves off-road and just keeps on going (especially if he sniffs out a fox or rabbit) :-0
  • katie31 says: Run with my 6month old puppy (brown cocker spaniel called scoobie) and 11 year old merlin (a black cocker spaniel) x
  • geordiegirl says: I have a Wire Fox Terrier, Bailey & Ellie, Lakeland Terrier. Bailey & I ran our first CaniX this year in Kielder and absolutley loved it!! Got our kit is from KiSi if anyone is after any worth a look.
  • Finch says: This is my whole motivation for running - and I love it!
  • dingdong* says: Run with Jasper my Springer/Cocker Spaniel cross (Sprocker). Even Marathon training, he rarely tires and is great company :)
  • roz says: Run with Chops, my rescue staffy. She'll run and run but only if it's not raining.
  • woolly says: I run with my labrador whenever I can, recovery / steady runs work best but love it all the same!
  • SWIMBIRD says: Hey, I run with my dog (Poppy) she is 2 and black lab/dalmation, she has been my running partner for over a year now and she is great - always get people pointing out of their car windows and slowing down to show their kids her running with me as she is a bit like the WII Fit dog that runs ahead but she runs with her lead on but in her MOUTH, the longest distance she has run in 12 miles with me
  • kev-eats-owt says: Average about 30 miles a week all of it with my two mutts, almost all of it off road. One is a 3 year old Whiprador (cross whippet and labrador) the other is a 5 year old Pointrador (cross pointer and labrador). Their limit has yet to be found, mine is round about a dozen miles
  • Ade1973 says: Run with Finn whenever I can (6 yo tan border/bearded collie cross).

    If we don't go out, we're both bouncing off the walls....!
  • Rob-H says: Run regular with 3 year old rescue Staffy called Dazzle. If I go out in my running kit without her she sulks all day. Usually does 2 or 3 runs a week with me, she loves it.
  • Bex66 says: we have a 10week old golden retriever - my husband and I both run so hopefully once she gets to the year we can start to take her on runs with us. Anyone else out there got a retriever?
  • Banana split says: Run with Toby my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- he is prone to chasing deer and runs at least twice as far as me.
  • MrBenn says: my 2.5 year old whippet, Sarah, loves to run for the sake of running, you can feel the thrill as she sprints ahead at full pelt, then stops...looks back as though to say come on...hurry up!
  • socks up to says: I've even signed my dog up to runkeeper!
  • Helegant says: The cocker spaniel is now almost 2 years old and I have a stretchy waist lead which he enjoys. His joints are fine, mine are shot, but I live in hope of taking his round another parkrun or two.
  • hunterway says: Run with both my collies longest run to date with them is 32 miles and they still didn't want to go home. They are just amazing running buddies
  • JP. says: luv running with my lab retriever 3-4 miles each day at the weekend, although she has to give me a head start
  • piggysquealer says: Would love to run more with my two Spanners (Springers) but they are very mad and naughty so have to be careful where we go. It's hard trying to find routes away from hazards such as roads, rabbits, pigeons, squirrels, ducks, swans, etc.
  • JustTony says: Hi all I do the Whitley Bay Parkrun with my cockapoo Steve. He absolutely loves it. He swears he would win if I wasn't holding him back.
  • chewitt says: Hi All i run with my 4yr old Jack Russell (Jasper)he does anything up to 16 mile and still wants to run more.
  • 57.5 Degrees of Pain says: Currently run with two dogs. Barny, a 9 year old Golden Retriever/ German Shepherd cross hates running on a lead but goes forever off road. Moss, 10 year old Border Collie, loves running no matter what and has a sub-20 parkrun PB. Both are good for about a half marathon distance, would not stress their aging joints beyond that.
  • Haggis says: Training runs and Cani-Cross with my Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla.
    We're now founder members of Dundee and Angus Cani-Cross group!
    Edes gets VERY excited whenever I go near her harness...
  • Waveydavey says: I've just started running with our cockerpoo, woofywaveydavey
  • There We Are Then says: bodger 3 yr old welsh border collie, park run pb of 19.51 could probably do sub 15 without me!
  • gardengirl says: Runs with my lab who can’t run past / near water without going in.
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