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  • Graybo says: Just about to give my 12th donation of boring old O+. Anything for a free cup of tea and a club biscuit.
  • Nessie says: I think I'm due my silver medal next time. O-neg so always in demand.
  • stumpo says: first donation last month... trained a few hours later
  • Ex-pat Scot says: 5+ card. No idea what group I am.
  • geordiegirl says: I'm known at our work blood mobile as the one they turn away but wont give up, my blood iron is generally too low but I do pitch up regularly and so far twice I've managed to give blood in the past 7 years!! Hopefully I'll succeed again in the future. And I really should learn what my blood type is :-)
  • gavlar c says: 70 donations as of Monday
  • John66 says: 26 but bizarrely can't remember group :-o
  • welly says: not been for 8 years since I fainted :( but best friend with leukemia spurred me into donating again last week ;)
  • stixnick says: 3 time and just had to change date for next donation as it clashed with Silverstone.
  • Tall Bloke says: Up to about 26 donations!
  • paul the builder says: New to this really, only twice so far. Allow a week for running to fully recover, I reckon.
  • CrazyLegs says: I have been 7 times so far. Need to go on a more regular basis! :-)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Have given 10 times, but rather sporadic in the past. Last year was my first "3 times in a year". Good work fetchland! *Update - don't know how many years ago I wrote that but I'm over 30 now. Another Fetch inspired increment of the good! O+ I'm so common! *Update - 39th (I think they said) Dec 2018 :-) G
  • Nick Cook says: I've given 35 times and go about 3 times a year. I'm group A+
  • Velociraptor says: 44 donations so far, and that's with a compulsory two years off after glandular fever and about 20 months off for each of four children. Neither me not any of my children has ever needed to make a withdrawal from the blood bank and I'm hoping it'll stay that way. Group A-, FWIW :)
  • Footpad says: Probably over 25 times but I moved house and never updated records before giving blood again, so it reset to zero again.

  • TomM says: Around 20 times so far (blood type A+). Thought I'd have to stop when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but NBS have very kindly changed the rules :-)
  • Southcoastpete says: 45 armfulls :) O+
  • Spally says: just made 25 donations - O+
  • hepburn says: Have done for the last few years. Can't remember group without looking on my keyring!!
  • bumpkin1970 says: I have 45 donations, had a couple of years out after fainting twice in a row on 41 & 42. Turned out to be kidney stones. AB Neg. Started running in October 2015 and found that after my last donation I needed a good 3 weeks to get back to pace and endurance, hopefully my body will get used to doing both, but it makes scheduling blood donation between runs tricky!
  • Cormorant says: O+ and 35 donations now - I try and run before, so I can eat and so the sample from my finger looks like Beaujolais.
  • DJR says: That was 65 !!!!!
  • Philippe Flop says: Giving blood for the first time on 3rd April - about time, but better late than never!
  • fungel says: i have given 5 times now, O neg, why is it the nurses always say oooh you got a nice juicy one there ( vein).
  • Robsta says: Recently got my first badge - bronze
  • boswandeling says: Silver card holder at the moment. I'm an A+.
  • mrs shanksi says: I'm a bronze badge holder and A+
  • Gooner says: 7 times so far but not missed a chance to donate yet. O- which is obviously the best group! :)
  • Keefley says: Team O+. Hate being jabbed but love free tea and biccies.
  • Vicki: Graceless Whippet says: Loads of folks seem to be A+, it's really not that common either - you all running related peeps? I'm B+ myself
  • GazM says: Twice a year for last 7 years ... they come to our office & I get to skive for an hour whilst lying on my back.
    Group is A+.
  • becca7 says: AB+, being going three times a year. Always touch and go as to whether I have a high enough iron count but only turned away once so far.
  • HappyTimes says: Just given my 10th donation at the second time of asking as was told my iron count was bit low on my last effort.

    Donating; like racing is great excuss for biccies afterwards :-)
  • TheBeetroot says: 48 donations, boring old O+
  • martin run says: b-neg blood give 3/4 times a year for the past 20 years keep going back
  • fetcheveryone says: Mighty mighty O+. 1 donation so far :-)
  • jacalona says: I used to be a normal blood donor, for several years, but have been a monthly platelet donor for the last three!!
    This takes up a whole afternoon a month, but it well worth it, as platelets help so many people.
    It is good to help others that are not as fortunate as us, which is why I am running this years London marathon for MS - sadly one of by best mates at work, is not so fortunate, as his poor wife suffers from MS.
  • Sej6788 says: i`m only up to 2, i`m gettin there :)
  • Peregrinator says: 65 units now: B+ - the best. TUC biscuit please😀
  • Corona says: 40 something times - Rare as rockinghorse stuff - ABneg :-)
  • EvilPixie says: 29th donation today!
  • hillgirl says: Can't quite remember how many times, between 15 and 20. A+
    Biscuits and juice, mmmm.
  • 154 Rob says: for some reason, after giving blood i like a workout prove i've still got it in me??!
    O RH Positive, common as muck.
  • Run Jabba Run says: B- Second donation this week since starting to do this again (went a lot in early/mid 20s)
  • jennyh says: 8 times so far, A+.

    Often worked out afterwards (usually circuits or boxercise class) with no problem, but last time made the mistake of running a race the same evening - not clever :-S
  • Trying Hard says: I used to donate regularly. Was then diagnosed with leukaemia and received blood and platelet transfusions over a 7-month period. Saved my life. You are all life savers. Thank you :) PS Am in remission and running VLM in 3 months!
  • Karen S says: I'm O- group so greatly in demand! It's a great to know you could be helping save someone's life by donating.
  • FurryH says: 20 times 0+ Given in 6 different places and have two different donor ids depends on which region im in at the time! Changed jobs again so looking for my 7th place. :)
  • Jamis says: 5 pints on a off for the last few years, I will make more of an effort!!
  • mark9 says: given over 10 times so far, worth going for the endless biscuits and tea after!
  • sticklebrickchick says: i've given 9 times, B negative. i'll do anything for a biscuit, hahaa!
  • Fitz says: Recently retired from platelets donations, meant to be going back to whole blood but it seems I have slipped off their radar.
  • KeefG says: Been a blood donor for the couple of years or so. Just been accepted as a platelet donor with my first donation next month.
  • Helegant says: Exiting this group as the NBTS say there aren't enough people who want my AB+ blood and apparently I'm in danger of killing male recipients because I've had children. Which makes me sound like some form of Black Widow spider. Only made it to 40 donations due to childhood malaria putting me 'on hold' for a few years.
  • Pleasureprinciple says: Slowly mounting up, 23 times so far so if I manage twice again this year I'll get my small silver badge. O+
  • Jungliemac says: Anyone also a bone marrow donor? It's not as bad as it sounds and you may get to save a life. Go on, sign up today (or tomorrow).
  • Reiver says: Just reached double figures on my last donation.
  • tiamo69 says: Apheresis Donor (Plasma) since i was 18 (many moons ago!)
  • pseudorunner says: O neg rocks.. nearly on my silver card! apparently i have lovely veins too..
  • TooLate says: Currently getting bled every 8 weeks as part of Interval Study. I'm A+
  • BishopLenBrennan says: Hi Paul, I'm another Norn Iron fetchie with two donations. Haven't noticed much difference but amn't doing astronomical miles, nor training for a marathon. Took me 20 years to buid up the courage to donate but I'm glad I do now. It's easy, really and the staff are very nice. Go for it!
  • Grumpa says: Only just started,don`t know why I didn`t do it years ago.Next arm full due on New Years eve 2010.Nice tea and bickie before the beer starts to flow.;)
  • alpenrose says: Thought about doing it for years and finally took the plunge last year. Only donated twice so far.
  • GimmeMedals says: First time 19.1.11 - I've booked an appointment for the next session in May.
  • MAG says: Booked in for the 4th of April, day after a 1/3 Marathon race (Hornsea 1/3rd)....ill be fine....just give me the busicuits. That will be my 12th donation.
  • DeeDee1 says: Donated over 25 times though not sure how many... B+
  • gazza1 says: been 16 times so far, gives you the feel good factor.Im O pos
  • Max71 says: Been giving since 1992.... I'm an O+ type of girl...last donation June 6th 2011
  • Pierre says: O pos. 20-something donations so far, but can't donate until October after visiting Kenya in March!
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: Coming up to 20 donations, had about 2 years off in multiple low-iron bans but getting there. Want to get to 50 donations before I'm fifty (only 25 now so that should be do-able!). I belong to the ever-popular O+
  • Sarahwelshy says: O+ , ex platelet donor now back on regular blood till my babies are a bit older (have to travel some distance then sit on a bed once a month - takes some time). Sometimes they mark my platelets for premature babies (as it's apparently free of quite a lot of blood factors or summat). I like the warm and fuzzy feeling from that :-)
  • GuyG says: 11 times....O- but not weird, honest. Ran my worst race a day after giving a pint. Should I have had a day off?
  • Autumnleaves says: Re-started after a few years of just not managing it! Up to 12 (I think), O- It took me a while to feel back to normal running after the last one.
  • PowerJen says: A- & also bone marrow donor.
  • Gus says: Just joined since I'm about to embark on the blood donation agenda in part because I've got haemochromatosis.
  • Enriak says: Give when they can get the stuff out of me, sometimes it really doesn't want to flow. B neg.
  • Oscar the Grouch says: I'm somewhere near thirty, which is sadly rather less than my age...
  • Fzh2p0 says: 91 done so far... Number 92 tomorrow :o) ... O- so I guess I am quite universal! Although some of those were regular platelet donations where I went at least once a month for a while and got credited with 2 per session - so the number is "cheating" a bit... Back to normal whole blood for now, until work settles to allow me to disappear for around 3 hours once or twice a month again.
  • helencarter99 says: Been donating since I was 18 - up to 45 now. Aim to get to 50 before I am 50 :0)
  • Debbs says: 76th donation on 27th Dec 12
    Getting the hang of it now
  • Goofee says: Just been allowed to recommence donation after many years off due to being diagnosed with genetic haemochromatosis, O+ about 30 times now
  • RevBarbaraG says: Gave in April 2013 for the first time in 13 years - used to be a regular donor but had to stop when went onto medication for diabtes. Now off meds (thanks to 7 stone weight loss) hence able to donate again. . My previous 16 or 17 donations have not been credited, so I start again at 1. Glad of advice about impact of donating on running. Gave again in August - but impact on running moot, because I've got a sprained ankle, and not currently running :(
  • JP. says: donated about 25 times i think - A+
  • westmoors says: I've given 34 times and my 34th was rather dramatic as I had a mahoosive rebleed whilst drinking my post donation coffee. Group A+.
  • Gaz von Lager says: Hats off to everyone who gives blood. I gave number 39 last month.
  • Mountkeen says: Long time donor but often have to travel overseas on business to far-flung locations which the NHS is a bit sniffy about and which occasionally prohibits my donations. A+
  • Chell says: Bronze badge holder and A+ . On the bone marrow list as well. Always need a week off running after though.
  • iwannarun76 says: Am a rookie! Just 3 times so far! (O+)
  • Muds says: Got to give a bit of yourself to be here :)
    A - Silver and started adding on again :)
  • Pingu99 says: Started 2014 now donated 4 times, my Wife, Dad and Sister can't anymore so I 'took up the batton'
  • WACA says: 50 th point due to be given in March, excited! 50 @ 50! Catching up my dad :-)
  • Mandymoo says: Been a donor on and off (health reasons) for many years. B neg donor so they always want my blood
  • Harry Hills evil twin says: 15 donations - well worth the effort if it helps just one person
  • Granny2-3 says: I gave 19 donations prior to having a transfusion myself in 2000. As there were no checks on blood in place for CJD at the time I am no longer allowed to donate. O+ I think.
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