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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Fetch Bird & Wildlife Watchers

67 members [See all]

For those who fall off kerbs & into ditches craning their necks to see birds & wildlife as they run, or even stop during a race for a closer look at an interesting flower or insect! A place for swapping sightings of any kind of wildlife which they find and wish to share. And for those with a bit more know-how to help with identification of the unknown species. BTO Garden BirdWatch: bto.org

Notes from Members

  • jonrm says: Local wildlife can certainly keep the running exciting. Herons around most of the year and see the local Kingfisher about once a month. This summer at dusk I managed to kick a badger which ran under my feet - thankfully we were both uninjured.
  • SteveParkes says: I stop to look at things in bushes. Oh and I like wildlife as well :)
  • Derbyplodder says: Guilty of falling, stumbling and wandering to see birds and wildlife!
  • jude says: Big Barn owls when we run at dusk :) And Buzzards during the day, plus deer, foxes, stoats etc etc :)
  • E.C.N. says: hello
  • Steak-n-Cake says: I'd say I like to watch the birds from my kitchen window, but you may get the wrong idea ;)
  • BlueTang says: I saw a Green Woodpecker next to Swindon FC after doing my mile for Sport Relief on Friday. Fantastic :o)
  • L0rra1ne says: I live and run on the coast line, so lots to see and share. Stand by.
  • Jerboa says: anyone else nearly fall over when a rabbit shoots out out the undergrowth at 100mph just in front of them?
  • Plodder54 says: Sharing my runs in my my local woods with rabbits and squirrels plus sparrow hawks and jays flying above can really lift my mood
  • cackleberry says: *twitches gently*
  • Maxvaxine says: Will be looking for Golden Eagles at Haweswater this Sunday
  • PhilB says: Woodcock flying around the floodlights at Cardiff Athletics Stadium was a pleasant distraction during my track session training last night.
  • moore06 says: Fortunate to live and run in an unspoilt, rural part of Kent. Usually see something of interest when I am out running.
  • steve45 says: Been a "birder" for fifty years; was the bird "recorder" for Glamorgan in the mid 1970's. Do regular surveys for the BTO and find it a nuisance not being able to carry binoculars when running!
  • alpenrose says: I might be home for a Garden Birdwatch one day.
  • Birdypie says: Hello I'm a birding runner based in Whitstable. Always taking little walk breaks to do a bit of spotting!
  • Little Critter says: Always love to watch wildlife when I’m out and about.
Group admin: Anahata

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