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  • SCD says: second marathon of 2009........
  • The bag lady says: Really looking forward to this year's marathon - training gone well and really hoping for a good PB.
  • RunnerBean1978 says: My second marathon ever...after the FLM this year. Wanted to try a small non city marathon and see if this improves my time! Otherwise I can't blame it on the crowds in London. :)
  • Cazaroo says: Got my place and looking for ward to October!!
  • postie postie says: Loved it last year so have to do it again. Sub 3 anyone?
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Decided to do one marathon only 09. London, Paris, New York? No, Abingdon! Looking forward to a fetchfest! :-)G
  • Clueless says: So looking forward to this. Hopefully I will survive the training, I have only started 2 out of 4 marathons before. But very determined to do this :)
  • The great dollop says: The 2011 gallery has been archived, I need to reload that. we changed gallery providers.
  • B Rubble says: Might be a sub 3 attempt.
  • Plodder73 says: I have not done a mara before, but doing half in March, was thinking to wait to 2010, but I am doing between 30 and 40 miles a week. Have been running with a few guys who are doing FLM.
  • SparkyMark says: Oh look, a marathon that I don't have to travel 100s of miles to :-) Home to Abingdon is 27 miles.
  • chris palmer says: cant wait
  • Schnecke says: Got to be at Abingdon - but maybe on fetchpoint this time if I can resist the temptation to do two marathons in 2009 ;-)
  • plodding hippo says: would I miss this one?
    Not bloody likely!
  • Johnny Blaze says: last throw if I don't do sub 4 in paris
  • Michael G says: Forget big city marathons - this is the one
  • early bird says: It's now offical i am entered eeeeek :):):):)
  • Joe Hawk says: I don't want to end up on the waiting list like last year :-(
  • Snapstinget says: After taking part in the running side of things three times it is now my turn to help man Fetchpoint or marshall or hand out water or something :-) Perhaps i can run an Insult Post with MoaT? She is very good and i could learn a few things ...
  • CheekyP says: My first attempt at a Sub 3 :)
  • Dave A says: Oooops, I appear to have entered:)
  • Steve Ho says: hopefully my knees dont complain too much...
  • faithfulred says: Looking forward to this!
  • Whoisdavidmagii? says: First marathon, hoping for 3.45ish
  • heres johnny says: filled up very quickley this year
  • Rach E says: I'm marshaling again (cue calls of "You're nearly there" at mile 1) and also organising the post-race social at the Boundary House (so field any food-related questions this way).
  • controversial says: OK going for sub 2.50!!! Scared, me???? YES!!!
  • Kallywag says: Managed to avoid the waiting list this year :-)
  • Lisrun says: I am looking forward to this, I got a late entry :-)
  • JJ Flash says: I'll either run or Fetchpoint. Must make up my mind soon. :)
  • ScudULike says: Last "best" chance at going sub-4hrs as age is beginning to creep up on me.

    Poor early 2011 as hobbled by a number of injuries...
  • Dibble says: exactly 26.2 miles away from my house according to the Event Finder, so this must be the one for my second attempt at the distance.
  • seesteverun says: Ran the 2012 Abingdon Marathon as my first and loved it. Will definitely be back, probably in 2015.
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