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for the fetchie who loves his or her proper beer

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  • Kevski says: Excellent. I'm a CAMRA member who is with a club who's motto is "Drinkers with a running problem." Anything by Wychwood or a pint of Old Speckled goes down a treat with me.
  • mawngyguy says: Running and real ale - two of my favourite things.
  • darl0 says: Here are a few of my favourites, keep watching and I'll update the list.
    White Boar - Village Brewer, Hambleton Nightmare - Nick Stafford, Old Peculier - Theakstons,

    Landlord - Timothy Taylor, Lancaster Bomber - Thwaites, Best Bitter - Adnams, Magnet - John Smiths,

    Golden Glory - Badger.
  • Luig says: Adnams Broadside at the mo, I think, most things Black Sheep, and Theakstones OP of course
  • jacobus1745 says: I shared a flat with the manager of a real ale pub, 8 taps on the go at once, much choice !
  • NortonFlyer says: Marstons strong pale ale my current fave. 4 bottles for a dirty diver from the asda. Drink all four though and any thoughts of a run the next day evaporate! It is 6+ %!
  • CottamRunner says: Real ale is the only ale, hail the real ale.
    And Lytham now has it's own Beer Festival - quality.
    Top group.
  • Southcoastpete says: Yep, nothing like a pint of the real stuff post marathon.
  • minardi says: Mine's a pint especially if it's Ballards Wassail :-)
  • BaronessBL says: A kind of Fetchy CAMRA I guess?
  • Nick Cook says: I mainly drink bottled ales at home (mortgage, wife and kids to support). I'm currently drinking London Pride, ESB, Spitfire and Badger beers. CAMRA member.
  • SteveParkes says: MMmmm real beer. Don't go to the pub often but I drink Wychbold and Shepherd Neame beers at home.
  • old grey racer says: If we get enough of us we can meet after a race if there is a good real ale pub in the vicinity! Well done legless
  • MoscowFlyer says: Excellent group, not one to help me cut down, more than likely will increase my love of the ale! Any chance of linking this to the thread?
  • Will Crash says: Any real ale is the real deal.....
  • Eastham75 says: Great Group lets have another landlord.
  • ansterdoc says: CAMRA member - favourite at moment Well's banana bread beer really unusual
  • Two Towels. says: Life's not all about running, and what better way to chill, than supping a few pints of real ale!

    Live in the Notts/Derby area so if any one ever pop's up this neck of the wood I can highly recommend many a pub for both real ales and belting grub!
  • 154 Rob says: will drink anything really...'RA-wise i like 'em pale. Better atmos in "real"pubs, good for local economies & anti-globalisation. Politically it makes sense. Yep. Slainté/proost/skol!
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I prefer Guinness but I'll not turn it down Waggledance, Abbotts, Adnams, AK anything starts with an A really ,many more real ale festivals are held in Ware 50% of the turn out is our running club LOL
  • jcuk says: Full mash home brewer who needs to run to stop the beer belly
  • Philippe Flop says: Great combination! I'm close to Stalybridge Station buffet bar - well known for its real ales. Often a distraction as it's on my journey home from work in Manchester. I run EARLY!!
  • ogee says: Bishops Finger-Shepherd Neame, can't get enough.....
  • pariah says: hobgoblin, old tom, sneck lifter, bombardier, adnams broadside and owd rodger are a few of my going to village pubs in derbyshire/notts and trying (any) guest ales
  • SimonY says: Real ale - because you're worth it! And its practically one of your 5 a day! I enjoy local beers from Weetwood and Spitting Feathers breweries...
  • @nthony says: Quaff, quaff, quaff...
  • Fell o runner says: Copper Dragon ~ Golden Pippin is the one !!
  • Gooner says: It's Ale Festival time baby!!! :) :)
  • ultracollie says: alre rocks local brewer just got silver for his beer brewed @ big sheep brewery, scrummy post or pre-race :-)
  • Ogden Runner says: My two passions in life - running and real ale! The run works up the thirst which is quenched by the nectar of the Gods. The perfect circle of life!
  • Motters says: Ale and Running, Splendid. Somerville Arms anyone?
  • boozel says: Is it ok for a girl to be a member? Or more importantly is it ok for a girl to like real ale? Coz I love it. Favourite is Oakham ale's Bishop Farewell or Inferno at the moment
  • no1lizard says: Being from Burton makes membership of this group obligatory!
  • Garf says: Speckled Hen - Yum - Unfortunatley cant drink at present :-(
  • Fitz says: Pint of Timmy Talyor Landlord, please barkeep. And a bag of cheesenonion crisps.
  • Reiver says: My current favourite is Harviestoun's Bitter & Twisted. Some would say that is highly appropriate for me.
  • Hohum says: Joyful return to real ale after years in the bottled lager wilderness.
  • ninjaman says: Too many to list, but the Dark Star range has to take some beating. The 4.7% American Pale Ale was especially good. Fortunately in Croydon we have The green Dragon, Claret ad Half & Half often selling DS and many other fine real ales. And there's always the magnificent Evening Star hostelry near Brighton Station. No wonder I try and get down for the 10K, Half Marathon and now Marathonveach year
  • Hickerton says: Just drinking a Bateman's Victory now. I reckon a pale hoppy ale is usually the best for post-run replenishment!
  • Jack_O says: My fave is a lakeland ale called Loweswater Gold, perfection in a glass!
  • sirchutney says: I'm a beer drinker with a running problem
  • Plodder54 says: Quite found of beer festivals and tend to drink bottled beers at home my current favorites been ....Hobgoblin, Adnams Ghost Ship, Brains S A Gold
  • 57.5 Degrees of Pain says: Very impressed with Williams Bros Brewery in Alloa.
  • lancyman says: Big fan of real ale in all its forms.
  • DIGGER BYROM says: The Fleece, Fartownn, Pudsey regular haunt of the Pudsey Pacers running club and also CAMRA pub of the season in 2010 & 2011 & 2014
  • Goodlife says: South West CAMRA member, always said real ale and running go hand in hand especially after a tough race and you have the excuse that you could not possibly drive due to tired legs.
  • Prof Disco Dean says: Summer lightning is a good one and the jail ale was great after doing the Dartmoor Discovery ultra :-)
  • Mud Rocs says: Running in the hills and a beer afterwards are the perfect combination - too many to mention but Broadside, Gun Hill, Black Sheep, St Peters Bitter, Thwaites Bomber, Old Tom, Oscar Wilde Mild to name but a few
  • Kynon says: Mmm, real ale...give me a pint of proper beer over any of that mass-produced fizzy cack any day. Favourite breweries - Harviestoun, Flying Dog, and Cairngorm.
  • Spanners99 says: I like beer, am CAMRA member. Started running because of this!
  • fish-erman friends says: The best reals are the ones u can win for free lol, not sure if you have heard of these real ales but on entering the humpty dumpty and found they give u one as a prize as sponsersof great yarmouth 10k list 10" - Anniversary Barleywine, 9.2% abv
    Bad Egg, 4.1%`Broadland Sunrise, 4.2% Cheltenham Flyer, 4.6% Christmas Crack 2010, 7.0% East Anglia Pale Ale (EAPA),4.6% Golden Gorse, 5.4% Hop Harvest Gold 2009, 4.9% Humpty Dumpty Ale, 4.1% Humpty Dumpty Porter, 5.4%Little Sharpie, 3.8%. Not to say iv'e drunk the lot, but why drink the other imports largers, when u can try the ones on your door step. still love hobgoblin & london pride.
    Nord Atlantic, 3.7%
    Railway Sleeper, 5%
    Reedcutter, 4.4%
    Swallowtail, 4.0%
    Swingbridge Stout, 4.1%
  • JohnBailey says: I'm not drinking in January. Seven more days before I can partake again so going to navigate away from this page before I cave in.
  • napalm says: if your local to the new forest, i would recommend the new forest festival of running loads of different distances over the weekend 10k to 50k. The whole event is based at a pub, The Red Shoot it has a wide range of beers plus its own micro brewery on site.
  • steagu says: digging Old Empire right now
  • Surrey Phil says: Big fan of Adnams - toured the brewery, visited the shop and regular online shopper.
  • stephenpotter says: Love the Badger range, though will admit I like them lovely and chilled from the fridge. There's a great new addition .... Daring Diver - got to give it a try!
  • Churchy_7 says: London pride, theakston old peculiar and fursty ferret all tickle the taste buds
  • ageingtractor says: Started running when I was 50 after giving up footie playing and coaching. Have done over 30 events since including 2 marathons (Amsterdam and Medoc) plus some halves and other distances. Not a speed merchant but happy to churn out 10 minute miles for as long as I can.
  • BarefootEm says: I like my ale dark, strong and malty

    I like my runs, light, flat and easy :)
  • Stevewjj says: I've yet to meet a real ale I don't like 😀.
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