Group: 1250 miles in 2009

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Simple innit. Does what it says on the tin!

Notes from Members

  • R4R says: more realistic than 1500, a kick up the backside from 1000
  • Argie says: Had the target been lurking in the talk page but now joined the group... sorry for my late arrival!
  • Johnny Blaze says: I will do all I can - mainly to drop weight and do a sub 4 mara/at least 3 maras this year.
  • Vicksta says: aiming for 1200, but whats another 50, eh!
  • Mr. K. says: Hope you don`t mind if I join you.
  • GlennR says: Officially signed up for 1,000 but if all continues well will make this target too.
  • swerver says: Even Later starter and not on target but will catch up ;)
  • Mothy says: Late starter! But I'm on target!
  • jwellis says: Just passed 1000 miles today looking to complete 1250 by year end.
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