Group: 2000 miles in 2009.

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For Fetchies aiming for 2000 miles in 2009. That's less than six-and-a-half marathons a month.

Those whose target is 2009 in 2009 are also welcome :)

Notes from Members

  • Squors says: Only way to go faster is to run more miles.
  • plodding hippo says: It about time I got my finger out-this is only 50mpw, and i race enough to make it easier!
  • Bazoaxe says: its only just under 40 miles each and every week, thats not even 6 miles every single day - should be a skoosh!!!
  • firemannotsam says: Im hedging my bets by joining this group as well as the 1500 group! will prob be somewhere in between.
  • ken.c says: Did 2600 in 2008 ,but have no ultras planned, so 2000 is a realistic target.
  • CheekyP says: Also in 1500 this is the higher end of my target.
  • swittle says: Managed 2000+ mostly by running every day and staying injury free. I look forward to 2009 in 2009 with relish!!
  • eL Bee! says: I've never run more than 1500 miles in a year - so this may be a bit of an ask!!!!
  • Dubaidave says: Have made every year for past 7, though last year only just. Need motivation
  • martynjlane says: I don't know if its cheating by joining this group in the middle of May, but I really didn't plan to do so many miles at the beginning of the year! I'm now well on target to exceed 2,000 this year, assuming no injuries of course (fingers crossed). Good luck to you all in achieving your goals :-)
  • SteveRR says: Got to 2000m early Dec.09...just adding a few more now to the end of the year.
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