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  • quimby says: Amateur, I have a Canon 350D SLR and a couple of compact cameras. Love taking photos; occasionally get a stunner just by dint of taking lots!
  • Dubbya says: Since succumbing to an avalanche of running injuries in 2007-2008, I've been supporting clubmates and taking photos at a lot of events (for fun, but eager for tips to improve):
  • Mikuro says: Medical Photographer by trade, dabble in all sorts in my spare time. Don't have nearly as much kit as I'd like. ;)
  • Jigs says: Total Hamateur, like to take race shots when not running myself. Canon Dslr after several film slrs and several lens that keep the bag nice & heavy.
  • Vindicator says: Keen amatueur who would like to lurk in this group as I would like to learn/improve.
    I take photos for running club (when not racing).
    Owns Nikon D40x (Nikon 18-55mm Kit, Sigma 18-50 F2.8 Macro, Nikon 55-200mm VR) & Panasonic Lumnix TZ-5
  • The great dollop says: Pro Race and Sports event photographer - Have been known to run too. Happy to discuss any and all elements of whatever...always learning too.
  • surreystriderâ„¢ says: Would like more time for photography, but haven't :(
  • tom_craggs says: Sometime professional events photographer, always learning.
  • Lizzie W says: Dabbler, still waiting for lottery win to fund a DSLR :-)
  • Cobycobs says: Pays the mortgage! Can't do stuff that moves though. Learnt on a Hasselblad but now with Canon Digital.
  • SteveParkes says: swapped the SLR's (his and hers collection) for a collection of digital cameras. Other half used to work for Jessops until the downsizing so we used to get a decent deal on stuff but not now :(
  • Zeb says: An amateur amateur (if that makes sense!).
  • firstofficerspong says: Ex-keen amateur with 3 expensive film SLRs resting in the loft! I have just bought an EOS 450D. How wonderful to use an SLR again!
  • flanker says: used to be semi-pro (i.e. made enough to cover my kit). Learnt on the old fully manual SLRs and wonder if the immediacy of digital is good or bad as I'm sure my overall quality has gone downhill since going digital
  • Blue Buxton says: Canon Powershot and a Canon EOS under the sink. Keen to pick up tips.
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Amateur totally... just like taking photographs - patuclarly fond of coastal/seaside shots
  • Buzzards Sis says: Doing an Open College of the Arts Course
  • *Anj* says: A wanna be beginner
  • E.C.N. says: i'm off to uni this autumn for a four year photography course, am i mad?
  • Mattharper says: Hobbiest photographer (who is on Flickr) and Graphic Design Degree student.
  • Phil_BTT says: Used to take photographs then got lazy and have been taking snaps for the last few years. Have bought myself my first DSLR, the plan is to get back into the habit of taking photographs.
  • Karizma says: Keen amatuer photgrapher, following in the footsteps of me dad. Sony A200, fist DSLR after years of film SLRs. Happy enough with the results for the other half to have them on display at home.
  • geordiegirl says: I've loved photography all my life (did it as part of my art O'level back in the day..) got ourselves a Canon 450D and now started to do some courses so hoping that my hobby will develop into some (more consistent) decent photos, will greatefully receive any comments good or bad on my pics, when I get started with loading them - thanks :)
  • Mountkeen says: Amateur who doesn't get enough time to take nearly enough pictures. My Flickr photostream is here
  • HavPete says: Pro with Canon 5d mk3, 7d mk2 and EOS R.
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