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  • JimiG says: I use Symbicort and have no real problems if I run at a steady pace. If I try and do sprints or raise the pace too high the wheezes come on pretty quick.
  • FML says: Always use my blue inhaler prior to running, otherwise cannot breathe. Not had a full on asthma attack since 1996 (fingers crossed), but it scared the hell out of me as I was alone at the time
  • fetcheveryone says: I have a blue inhaler that I use to help combat the wheeziness that I suffer whilst running. I've been using it for about 4-5 months now, and I've found it to be very helpful.
  • buttercup600 says: Had asthma since childhood but mainly under control without medication-never leave for a run without blue inhaler tho-don't want to tempt fate, always in water bottle holder!
  • *Anj* says: I used to be on a preventer (brown) and ventolin (blue) but asthma seemed to get worse during runs a few months back, have been put on a combi-inhaler (Symbicort) and am much betterer and rarely have problems now when running
  • MarkC says: My asthma is usually fine on daily use of a brown inhaler (which I always seem to lose!) and occasional need for the blue one. I seem to have asthma flare-ups every summer in July.
  • daughterofdawn says: Just as my asthma was getting under control (at about 17yo) I went and got lung disease, which seemed to make my asthma come back with a vengeance! So I'm on Seretide 500 twice a day plus Ventolin every morning and night (after brushing my teeth as it makes me wheeze ???).
  • ianp84 says: 2 puffs b4 i head off on a run and im usually fine. Take it along wiv me tho just incase!!
  • That Damned Bloke says: i used to take the brown ones and the blue, but now just use the blue ones.... usually when im running and in the cold weather (or when cutting the grass which is my excuse for hiding pygmys out the back!)
  • Woffy says: In the consultants words, I am a classic asthma sufferer (diagnosed at the age of 45) - her point to me was get out of the denial stage and take the preventer morning and evening. Doesn't affect me too badly and don't let it dominate when and how I run but need to be aware of it.
  • Da Weez says: My asthma nurse tells me I am mad to be so active. My asthma is 'only' exercise induced. Who needs support like this?
  • SCPRoadrunner says: Only diagnosed last year - thought previous wheeze etc caused by my excess weight - lost over 6 stone and it was still there - runs in the family (some of my cousins' children have it). Well controlled on meds (Symbicort Turbohaler 2 puff bd and Ventolin prn) Used to be on prevented and Ventolin but did not improve symptoms any - but now with the above I have not had any problems.
  • Footpad says: Another fan of Seretide here. Was struggling until I was popped onto these little purple thingies. Now I run without any concerns :-)
  • Fee says: Seretide and the blue one for me. If running or circuit training in the evening - take a puff of the seretide before I go and ensure that I have the blue one with me but generally don't need it.
  • Tuzzer says:
  • Wobbling says: I'm back on the steroids again, for a week, and not happy. No running. Supposed to be going on holiday to Sicily on Saturday :-(
  • beebop says: I use the brown inhaler everyday, theoretically morning and evening, and occasionally the blue one - didn't develop asthma until I was around 32, found it very depressing at first but running has definitely improved the wheezing and helped with the denial.

    Does anybody else find it really difficult to know when the brown inhaler is running out? I usually only notice when I have to step up use on the blue one...
  • chunky says: Had asthma since I was 4, now 54! Homeopathic medicine till I was 20. Ventolin and the brown stuff till two years ago. Seretide for me is a miracle cure!! No need for Ventolin before or during races or at any other time...
  • Helegant says: Running helps my (mild) everyday asthma. It also creates the ideal conditions for the exercise-induced asthma, but I've learned to keep my heart-rate below a particular level so that I don't get broncho-spasms. Mostly succesful, but if you see me on my knees at the finishing line please shout at me to breathe *out*, and get help.
  • mr d says: Used to be blue, then blue and brown, then the changed blue to green (salmeterol) taken twice a day like the brown rather than on-demand and I haven't looked back it's a great improvement and I very rarely feel out of breath.
  • bushbaby says: I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma about 5 years ago. It only comes on when I'm racing, usually towards the end. I've been on the blue and brown inhalers both of which made no difference. Now on symbacourt (the powder one) and also a nasal steroid normally used for hay fever sufferers. Still waiting for the wheezing to stop on races!
  • Sazzahazza says: Cough Cough, splutter splutter. Normally it's controlled but i am really suffering atm. Rubbish!!
  • ro6er says: So who's the fastest asthmatic here? Mine's been playing up, I think it's the change in weather I had to dip out of my speed work :( But we did a relay race at the end. Just 400 meters but I did 1:14 which I was happy with. Thought it would be interesting to ask how fast people are in this group given the nature of our shared problem.

  • Detal says: use my symbicort twice a day, and ventolin when I need it, carry it with me on all runs and have to use it.
  • M62 Santa says: Sere vent 250 - purple inhaler and a good old fashioned blue inhaler. Lungs been rough for last few years.
  • Sinj says: 43 and struggling to manage my Asthma effectively. 1 run in 3 tends to be ruined or affected by it. Doing VLM in April and need to get back on top of my lungs if I'm going to get back to my sub-4 best.
  • Tazsedai says: I have seasonal asthma and just take my brown pump when my peak flow drops. It's bad in the summer when my hayfever kicks in and when it's very cold.
  • BarefootBlinky says: Some say I have, some say I haven't, currently unable to fly because I might...
  • mudmonkey says: Asthma aans sport do mix prove them wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • megster says: My asthma strangely improved when is quit smoking and started exercising... strange that. Now controlled with Qvar in they morning and ventolin carried (always, just thinking I havenโ€™t got it can make me wheeze!) but very rarely used.
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