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Andy's got a plan for 2010. Yay!

July 2010 From Saturday 17th - Mon 19th and more -or just come for one day. Accommodation is Contact _andy to confirm which nights you are staying.

Route will be Sat: something at top end of WHW. Sun there is a hillier route planned, see thread for more info...

Remember - there will *always* be an option for an easier route or to drop out earlier - that's the whole point, to introduce people to the joy of hill running. So don't be fearties - come and enjoy the hills!


Notes from Members

  • Ultracat says: I will be there to hold coats in the pub:)
  • Ribenaface (RFSQL) says: Had lost track of this until HappyG reminded me at Loch Leven... 20/21 July might be doable!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Can't believe I hadn't sent a group mail. Done now. Sat 17 July 2010. It's gonna be epic again! :-)G
  • santababy says: oh and i cant do 15th jan, donw in york
  • JulesR says: Any date but Jan 13-20 or Feb 26-Mar 12 plz
  • _andy says: Ok, now, for the next one......
  • Magbag says: I can come but can only do one day
  • IanS says: Done some map reading but definitely a follower. Only Sats I can do before late March are 24/1 and 21/2, Sundays generally better except March 1st.
  • ducksdisease says: Follower. Can't do 31 Jan, 14/15 Feb or 7/8 Mar.
  • Loon Dod says: Pass the weak hurdle the dead
  • PentlandPounder says: July sounds quality, but not sure what a bimble is!!!! If over 2 days I'm assuming lots of miles - yeah!! Interested but need to consider implications in terms of brownie points needed from the PP clan. Could be months of housework between now and then!!
  • magoo says: just added my name to the group. :-)
  • Lintie says: Boing boing.
  • SpicedApple says: Hoping I'll make it at some stage.
  • Steak-n-Cake says: Total hill-run-beginner, cautiously interested in any future events ! :o)
  • josieT says: love hills, just hope i can make the date!!!
  • stickland says: beginner nervous excited
  • Star says: beginner hill runner!!!
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