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  • Bertee says: Yeppity yep, yep yep I'm in :) Late to the party but up for it!! Been ill so this is first week back proper.
  • Turkish_Albert says: 1000 miles last year.
  • john_n says: Assuming I manage to avoid too many injuries I hope to make it to 1500. Count me in.
  • Anna Bomb says: hopefully will make it as long as I don't get injured, fingers crossed
  • SuperTed says: How hard can it be?????
  • mags says: Am going to go for it.:)
  • Smile2 says: well done to everyone whether you managed to achieve this or not! I managed to blast my target and I am way up in the 1600's for the end of the year. I could not be more pleased considering that I have been suffering with a nagging achilles since the end of July :) Kabbalah Yoga has enabled me to run above and beyond with an injury :)
  • rollerman says: Was in the 1000 miles gang last year and did 1200 (I think), so please can I join you.
  • Hackett says: 1116 up so far ... sporting a hip injury but I will get there !!
  • Magbag says: Injury outed me in 08 so fingers x for 09
  • Drink Anyone? says: I think this is the perfect target for me
  • Smileygirlie says: Not sure I'll hit this target before end of 2008, so will make a concerted effort for 2009!!
  • Southampton Tony says: Fell behind on this target in 2008 due to injury, gotta do it in 2009!
  • Nightjar says: Quite ambitious since I want to target speed in 2009 instead of endurance.
  • Belper Bear says: First marathon in April so that should help!
  • Alex B says: Likely to be just short of 1200 for this year, so this will be a good target for next year.
  • AngeM says: A (first) marathon this year...scary....1500 let's have a go at it then...
  • AlanR says: First Marathon in April, so this should help me nail this :D
  • Bosun Tony says: A good target for 2009, best of luck everyone !!
  • MilestheCat says: Bring it on..!!!
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Oh, go on then!
  • fordman says: good luck all doing this you can all do it
  • LateStart says: I ran over this target in 2008, so joining this group looks good for 2009.
  • pussy cat says: easy peasy!!!!!! :-)
  • Pinchi says: count me in!
  • Rick OShay says: I'm in (God help me)
  • Kwaka says: I think the only thing to stop me hitting it this year will be injury. Going to try & be sensible this year........
  • Sime says: I tried for 1500 in 2008 and was well ahead by June but then training went miserably downhill and I fell short by over 200 miles. Going to give it another crack this year.
  • Runningheva says: Managed 1460 miles in 2008 on the 1200mile thread, so think this is the place for me this year.
  • Stewey says: 1360 miles in 2008....1500 in 2009, why not.....passed 200 on 4th Feb!
  • Maph3rs says: 17.4 down only 1482.6 to go :o)
  • mile muncher says: Did just under 2,000 last year but that was about 500 too much! So 1,500 looks very attractive. Hope I can make it tho'
  • David0409 says: done 82 so far this year, can i join please
  • Rootmaster says: Joined late but got a few runs in the bag already.
  • Coffee Addict says: Sorry, I'm a month late on joining this group! But have done 120 miles in Jan! fingers crossed!
  • Scoff The Sloth says: See if I can keep on target for more than a couple of months this year...
  • AndrewJ says: Should be on for this after a good start - 1215 last year so a bit more consistency in the summer and autumn and we'll get there!!
  • MJZurich says: Hi, this is my first yr on fetch and first yr of real running (well, Q3 last year really!). Not sure if I will get to 1500 but getting into this group gives me an extra push. I'm on 1430km but I have to drag my training shoes with me around the UK , Switzerland and North America as I travel. Also fitting in a killer dualthlon in siwtzerland in Sept. Good luck to you all in getting the goal. Ciao
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