Group: 2009 Goals: New PBs at 5K, 5M, 10K, 10M, HM and M (or any other distances you have run before)

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For those that want to have a crack at all their PBs in 2009!

Notes from Members

  • Sparky68 says: Looking for PBs in all of these, except 5m, 10m & Marathon.....
  • Jezzer says: Will go for it again this year. So far got PBs at HM and 5 km.
  • Vicksta says: Will be a bit tough this time, especially as I am running like a donkey with one leg currently.
  • Joe Hawk says: I want 5k,10K, Half and Mara. If I get 1M, 5M & 10M so much the better
  • cowalrunner says: what a great goal....I can't wait.....bring it on.
  • Tango (Adam) says: i would love to get a PB in my marathon. best 2.51.56sec
  • Johnny Blaze says: I am Spartacus.
  • RichMallaber says: I can do it, I will do it.... fingers crossed - first race of the year this weekend - 10K
  • ninemins says: Seems to be finally getting there but will the PBs back up the training?
  • becca7 says: Done! The mara, 10M and 5M were new distances for me this year. I have not run another marathon but I bettered my 10M and 5M times during the course of the year.
  • kevconchar says: new 1/2 pb on sunday 83.24, 10k pb at start of september 37.24, 5k pb in august 18.44
  • Martian Dashes says: Going for anything on offer though 100metres & 200metres and the marathon might be out of reach. Where have all the 10 mile races gone?
  • Gritts! says: Managed to set a new PB at the British 10k!
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