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I love cycling as it is a great way to eat miles, doesn't stress your body out and you can go really fast and not be out of breath!

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  • The Teaboy says: I'm doing the Etape 2008 - I love cycling that much!
  • SherryB says: Ex Catford CC, ex cyclo-cross, mountain bike racer - took up running after daughers born because it takes less time and I can take my running shoes whenever I travel. Love hate relationship with cycling at the moment - DH did La Marmotte last year and again this year. Cycle training is just SO time consuming!
  • Konaboy says: Bike to work every weekday, MTB on Monday evenings around Berkshire & on Wednesday evenings on the Ridgeway
  • angelis says: I have upped my mtb riding as great way of doing extra miles and getting dirty at the same time
  • Agent Orange says: Started cycling in London to save on tube fares and keep up my fitness. Now it's the best part of the day. I even see Rach E sometimes (usually disappearing quickly into the distance unless she wants to diss my "inferior" folding bike :-)
  • JD says: I love biking, where i live in swindon, there are some nice area, which are only 10miles away, which you can cycle to and get a nice view, I enjoy running, but dont enjoy it as much.
  • Mick the slug says: Just completed the CTC...will never complain about running up wee hills again. There were some serious climbs here!
  • Lowbo says: Typical Yorkshireman - signed up for the bike to work scheme so i could save £300 on £1000 worth of kit! Enjoy the ride, not the 4.45am start...
  • silvergoddess says: I used to bike first before i took up running, but running comes first and biking i just can't give up. I love biking, you get there quicker and it isn't as strenuous on the limbs.
  • Tall Bloke says: I need to do more of this!
  • z1000jeff says: I love cycling .... I did the C2C this year and I'm going to do it next year too. So there !

    Edit: True to my word I did it again. Target for this year - Morcambe to Bridlington coast to coast.
  • makkem says: Only use the bike as a commute or for trips to Tesco/Library, but find it's a great way of sneaking in some cross-training. Can also be great fun when I get the chance to "overtake" stationary traffic on the way home from work.
  • chunky says: Commuting and cycling to replace my Saturday run, hopefully stop those injuries
  • Captain Tortoise says: I bike to work every day. I started as a way to increase my fitness for running now I do it because I love it and it saves the London train fares. Hope whoever gets to be Mayor of London sorts out the cycle lanes.
  • MappingMum says: Le JoG 1993.
  • rachel_runner says: I've just bought a road bike and started cycling.
    Still quite scared! So give me a shout if you're a cyclist around Norwich.
  • ultrabaldy says: i love my poobike,its a ratty old kona pahoehoe but it goes like stink and never goes wrong,kona are the best!!!
    and i bike to work everyday rain or shine (cause my veedub camper is off road!!)
  • ian kewley says: hi all, can anyone tell me how i enter my milage into the cycling league, i cant find it anywere. im out of running for a while so would love to do a bit of cycling instead. many thanks.
  • boulders says: head down and go for it!
  • Ex-pat Scot says: A reformed time triallist, I used to do really daft things like 24hr races. I think I'm over it.
    I used to be a cyclist who occasionally ran; now it's the reverse. 200mpw commuting is plenty, in my book
  • mar says: just recenly got bike back out of deepest recess of the shed and got back in the saddle and am really enjoying it..:)
  • WeebleNana says: Bought a hybrid bike when I was injured and couldn't run ('cos I was going crazy) but now really enjoy it for cross-training and relaxation.
  • multiterrainer says: Regular (tho not always) bike commuter, looking at doing more again socially.
  • scooby snax says: I adore cycling too. Started as got injured running and haven't stopped. Now it seems I am to do Bala - Yey!
  • Sonneur37 says: cycleschemesucker? Actually its great - I got a sirrus and now wish I'd gone really wild. Did the c2c on it first w/e - wow!
  • Neil-London says: Love to take my road bike up to Richmond Park for some laps - gotta love those downhills... the climbs, not so much ;)
  • The Juicer says: I want to cycle along the Pennine Bridleway from Middleton to Blackshaw Head :-)
  • SteveParkes says: I love cycling and have a b-twin road bike.
  • Dickie York says: Cycle to work most of the time as I'm too tight to drive! (I do live in Yorkshire (-;
    Triathlete as well so get in some miles at weekend when I feel like it!
  • MountainMasher says: Cycle to work about 17-30 mile round trip depending on the route I take and how I feel. I find its good to loosen of from the fell running ! I don't do bike racing, did think about it but have focused on the fell running and really enjoy it. Biking is great to cover big distance fast and get some fast sprints in. Love road biking and MTB ! Really scenic routes where I am not alot of traffic on the roads either ideal !
  • ttofee says: Got a bike through the bike to work scheme - go back to work in 5 weeks when maternity leave ends - need to get back out cycling so I can manage to get to work!!
  • run-forest-run says: I cycle to work 1-2 times a week to save some petrol and improve fitness, 18 mile round trip, with overall aim to run faster !. It takes me only a little longer than by car and feel great by the time I arrive. Lets have more cycle lanes especially on main roads. Great to pop to the shops too, we need more cycle racks. It sure as hell beats the gym too.
  • K9 says: Just starting out but loving the cycling. Can't run at the mo due to injury, but at least can get out on my lovely bike instead
  • pauliev says: Got back into cycling over the last months due to a knee injury (awaiting surgery)
    MTB for many years, but have purchased a road bike Specialized Allez comp 2010 which I pick up on Sat 11/07 :0
  • Notadwarf says: In my old bike club we used to have a lot of really great bike riders who had come from a running background. They had become fed-up of injuries and cycling gave them the opportunity to race at a high level and avoid the regular knee, ankle etc problems from running. Here I am, a former cycling mad person running and wondering whether I should go back to cycling? My Cannondale needs more miles on the clock.
  • Skyehusky says: After having six weeks ago and not being allowed to run for 5 months, I just got my first MTB at 36 years old having not had a bike since 12 years old. Using gears has been interesting to say the least but thankfully a question I posted on Fetch has given me greater understanding! I live in the heart of the Dorset countryside where I have great trails and Coastal paths. I'm loving it so far ( only two weeks in!!)
  • Argie says: got my first bike since I was a nipper and am finding it hard to get over the hardness of the saddle and how the fuck STI gear levers work!
  • The Jogger says: I'm getting into this now and am about to buy another bike, well on the next cycle to work. A specialised Tricross
  • Reiver says: I love road cycling, but when when time is tight, enjoy a bit of trail running.
  • KAZZY73 says: Hi just discovered road biking in June I love my Scott S60 1400miles and counting x
  • Nice guy Eddie says: yes I do!
  • mikecallahan says: I love cycling but have just had my first major crash!! Beware the submerged pot holes guys.......chipped collar bones hurt!!!
  • seanovleeds says: How can any1 not love cycling,its got the lot,gr8 scenery,gr8 equiptment,gr8 people,gr8 training,gr8 pro sport,been around for centuries,its totally environment friendly and can get you from A to B with no expense spared-in fact free.
  • holgs says: Errr.....I love biking ( obvious statement ). I've done a couple of ironman triathlons and doing another in 2010. Long bike rides then basically make up my weekend mornings, and I'm lucky enough to live near the Trough of Bowland so some amazing countryside to explore.
  • dollyg says: I have got an entry to the Amstel Gold tour race in 2012 at the first time of applying - well someone in the team got the entry and we all benefit as a result!
  • Clinty says: I love my mountain bike but now I love my road bike more
  • LadyBee says: I didn't get my first adult bike until 3 years ago, and now I have 3 and they're worth more than my car!
  • Caleyjen says: As I train for the FW challenge in May I realise how much fun you can have riding with a club? The city of Inverness cycling club have opened me with opened arms and coaxed me up many a hill over the past few weeks.
  • Nick Cook says: Recently got a new bike on the Cycle-to-Work scheme. Loving it!!!
  • Dawnp says: Ok have recently bought my first ever bike and thought I would join this group :)
  • LLL says: I get out on my bike when I can but saddly get grumpy if I can't! I enjoy it too muc!! Is that wrong?? The rolling hills of the Borders and the fabby countryside is pretty hard to beat :o)
  • Phil-A says: 15 years of cycle racing and never an injury, 2 months of running and already had 2 injuries :-( I won't give up though, but cycling still Rox.
  • vicky38 says: I love to cycle, commute to and from work. Love the feeling as the wind rushes through you whilst cruising on a downward stretch. It helps clear my head before the day begins then allows me to destress on return route so I feel fab by the time I reach home... I also run, so the cycling helps other muscles not necessarily used for running. It is a great cross trainer for me as I am not a good swimmer. Happy cycling :-)
  • DrBob says: I got bounced into cycling by my knee, which complained about running to the point that I've pretty much given it up. Currently getting some miles in by cycling to work 15-20 miles each way, plus club rides at the weekend.
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: No activity is more wonderful than cycling. Apart from that one.
  • boomermair says: hi guys and gals, i'll always give you a wave if you pass me on the Trent side in North Lincs. (grrrr to non wavers)
  • TheBookFairy says: I've just discovered spin classes - what an absolutely awesome workout! I'm injured at the mo (running-wise anyway), so I've been hitting the gym like a demon. My husband is a fully fledged MAMIL, and persuaded me to give it a go. I've now stolen his other road bike (apparently everyone needs at least two bikes??!) and I'm even contemplating joining the North Cotswolds cycle club! ....just think of all that new kit I'm going to need!! 😊
  • Totriornottotri says:

    Every tried racing? I did...
  • breezey says: I love cycling just as much as I love running and just wish that more people would just put away their cars and could just enjoy the thrill of riding with the wind blowing in their hair, the smell of the countryside, the thrill and excitement of the outdoors, the sights. There's nothing that can compare. (waffle, waffle)....Sorry everyone. I think I may be losing my mind.
  • Sunbeater says: Just started cycling. It's great!
  • Harry Hills evil twin says: Hi, I am just trying to get fit and lose a few pounds in the process. Cycling is definately better than running.
  • meadowsboy says: Have done cycling off and on for years I am now 53 and my knee is playing up so less running,new target is Nottm to skegness by bike
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