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Fetch owners of Brompton (folding bikes) unite! (or - better - "unfold!").

Lots of us Fetchies seem to have them and blog about them. So why not have a nice group?

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  • Dibble says: Number 1 in the Brompton World Championships 2008! (OK I admit that was my number, I finished in 169th). All due to being fastest in qualifying (sent off my entry form quickly).

    Commute / train / commute into the City every day.
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I heart my Brommie!
  • Ex-pat Scot says: My lovely S2-LX titanium 2-speed flat-bar baby will be 1 soon, just before Christmas. It has a superlight 180g saddle, but the look is rather spoiled by the customised laptop bag that is generally hanging off the front rack.
    I went for the bare lacquer look - worth the extra, in my book. I bought this through the Halfords "cycle to work" scheme, so it really only cost me £600. That's how I justified it anyhow. That's a year's worth of park & ride fares that I've now saved, so the bike has paid for itself.
  • SarahL says: Did own a 2 speed M2L-X. Then it got nicked. Then I got a 2 speed S2L-X. Then I caught the barsteward that nicked the M2L-X and now I have two. Not for long though, have sold the original one to the wife of a bloke that works in my LBS. Excess recouped. Happy days. Long live the Brompton.
  • Yellow Fang says: 25th in this year's World Brompton Championship. My ivory coloured Brompton L3 has a Brooks Brompton saddle, a Schmidt XSON dynohub, and Post Moderne shorty bar-ends.
  • Rach E says: Owner of a three-speed pink Brompton. Cycle 100 miles a week on it as part of my commute to work. Sadly I can't say I competed in this year's World Brompton Champs and my only claim to fame is a blog entry I stumbled across, where a random unknown blogged my commute:
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