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For the Fetchies whose running is hindered by the ever growing life inside our or our OH's bellies.

Yes you boys can join too now. ;)<p>

Come and chat on the Pregnancy Thread, link below!

Notes from Members

  • Mikuro says: Little one 4 years and
  • sonja says: baby boy due 29th December 2011 - please don't be late!
  • Lyns says: EDD 5 September 2013
  • libby says: Cautiously happy about no. 2, due round about 28 Jan 2013
  • DeeGee says: Excited about becoming a dad. Alex, or Fidget, is due to be with us around 14/01/2010.
  • May says: First scan 2 day!!!twins!!!EDD 14th October
  • Elsie Too says: EDD May 28th 2010
  • HattieDeanie says: Hi. My Due date is the 19th Aug 2008
  • EmmaNJ says: EDD 16th April 2009
  • Treacle says: Due on 22nd September 2010 :-)
  • katypie says: EDD 24th March and counting ;)
  • Lills says: Due 9th February
  • VicksterH says: Due on 17th September 2009. Revised Due date of 14th September from the scan. Lucas arrived on 12th September!
  • jude says: Time to join - EDD 19th August 09 :)
  • RuthB2 says: Due date 28th Sept 2009!
  • ActionCat says: EDD 29th September - eek!
  • DagenhamSal says: Hi, my third baby is due 18 July 2012 xxx
  • compo says: EDD 16th July 2009. PLEASE LET IT BE EARLY.....and she was, by a whole 3 days!!!
  • mummyV says: Lil man Antoine born on 09/08/08 and bean due sometime in June 2010 :-)
  • JEJ says: EDD 25/12/10
  • AndrewJ says: Mrs J due with number 3(!!) late may/early june....must be the hormones - yet to hear the "you aren't doing a marathon next year are you?" ;-)
  • Jen+ says: Due on 22 May 2010 (can't call myself much of a runner at the moment though)
  • Farnie says: EDD 05/10/10 but will be elective section (after all the messing about last time :-D )
  • TT1981 says: I am due 31 October 2010
  • Gijima1 says: Howdee, Can I join!? Due date 27 June 13 (1st one), little beetle child already in training for Comrades!
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: Happy Expectant Fairy Godmother :)
  • janade175 says: 32 weeks pregnant with second baby, due 2nd March :-)
  • Mummy Runner says: Baby no 3 due, im currently 22 weeks pregnant and living in Winnipeg Canada im flying home for 10 weeks to Walsall to visit family with my 3 year old and 19 mth old, should be interesting, ran 19 mile last weekend but that will come down now!im used to flat terrain the hills and inclines will kill me at first!!
  • supergirl says: edd 17th feb 2012
  • littlemisssara says: Due date 6 November - still running but getting slower...
  • LLL1 says: LLLs
    First grandchild due June 18th :-)
  • B says: EDD 11/3/12
  • Krissie says: First baby due 13th March 2014!
  • SusiSue28 says: First baby due around 1st August :)
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