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Time doesn't matter in this group... what's important is the finish line.... the reason why you are doing a marathon.... it doesn't have to be in 2009 it can be in the next 10 years... maybe you have lost somebody close and want to dedicate a marathon to them... maybe you have recovered from illness and want to celebrate.... likewise recovery from injury (myself included). On the tv coverage we see the elite runners who have trained so hard and get fantastic times, but hours after they have finished there are people still out there in their wake with amazing stories, time is not an issue.... and in the days afterwards when people ask "well what was your time? " - Don't be afraid to say "I enjoyed the day, and was pleased with my time..." Don't be "embaressed" with your time.... there are far more people who would be incapable of doing what you've just done.... 26.2 miles is a long way..... that's what this group is about!

Notes from Members

  • McNewbie says: my inspiration is Run Fat Boy Run ;)
  • FML says: Yes... got a place for the FLM 2009 :). Now the hard work begins
  • Fee says: A group/thread just for me :) :) :)
    Hoping forabout 5 1/2 to 6 hrs, however just finishing it would be FABULOUS!
    (Ev - just managed to pursuade Les to run it!!!!!!!)
  • Winniefree says: I'll be happy to get to the end - Edinburgh will be my first (and possibly last!). I'll be running for kidney research and I've already booked a big hug from KR's Louise at the end!
  • Belper Bear says: First marathon booked for 19th April at Lochaber!!!!
  • Tango (Adam) says: my aim is to do 30 marathons or more this year :)
  • Cabbey says: Hi Guys, can I join in. I seem to have had one injury after another which has left me just wanting to complete the FLM and not be so hung up on the time.
  • Maj says: What a great group! I've signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon. Just hoping to get round. Have commited myself to a charity as an incentive! I may be hard to spot as I have a feeling I'll be surrounded by heavily costumed runners!! Looking forward to it though!
  • buttercup600 says: Proud to have completed my first marathon-edinburgh 08, Can I do 09 too?
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: The best advice l gave to myself before taking part in the marathon was : 1) if l can't maintain running the distance then walk if l have to. 2) ENJOYthe atmosphere and embrace all your friends and family who have been patient throughout all your training and just as patient waiting several hours waiting to see you run past 3) Crossing the FINISH LINE is the BEST feeling in the world and your friends admire you forever more. 4) it is WORTH all the hard training. 6) I am NOT a fast runner, but who cares l have done London 2007,London 2008 & Dublin 2008 . I feel very PROUD of ME. GOOD LUCK to everyone & ENJOY xX
  • Claire L says: C0mpleted L0ch Ness in 2010 as my 1st FLM, l00king f0r my next f0r 2011!!!:)
  • mickeygooner says: have my acceptance for the VLM 2011 and now bricking it !
  • stumpo says: im 18 and have my first marathon in january... scared :(
  • Sassyt says: Signed up for Rome Marathon in March scared!!
  • janeymck says: I am intending to do a marathon next year.........injuries aside!
  • cackleberry says: Hopefully going to attempt the Swaledale Marathon next year (2012). I'd like to think I'll do it in 6 hours, but really so long as I beat the sweepers I'll be happy!
  • CottamRunner says: How did this group escape me?! Have done 2 marathons, within about a month of each other, namely Blackpool and Edinburgh ........ think I need at least one more! ;) Good to luck to all those considering / training for their first one - oh - and everybody else for that matter! :-)
  • Dr S says: Yeehaa! Did my my first one! VLM on Sunday: Managed to get round in 3:43:08. Beyond my wildest dreams!
  • slowfish says: been a 'runner' for a couple of years now & raced a variety of distances up to half.... i really should do a marathon at some stage I suppose!
  • Bumblebee1984 says: Edinburgh and Chester for me in 2011, just want to finish.. under 5 hrs would be nice..
  • martin K says: going to be doing Berlin Marathon Next Year (2011)
  • cybarev says: Signed up recently for the Liverpool Marathon 2012. Have completed a few halves but have had an injury break due to a ruptured cruciate followed by an op to put it right.
    I've always wanted to run a marathon and this will be the fuilfillment of a lifetimes ambition.
    I'm running it for a friend of mine who lives in Kenya and runs a project to feed kids who live on the streets. He's trying to build a kitchen so they can be fed properly.
  • Maxvaxine says: I'm aiming for the Kielder Marathon in October 2012 and have a training plan right through til then...what do you mean 'That's the easy bit'?
  • blokewotruns says: I did my first full Marathon at Milton Keynes in May this year, does that mean I'm excluded from the group?
  • RevBarbaraG says: Got a place to run VLM 2014 for Cancer Research. Taken too many funerals for people who've died of cancer, plus my Mum and sister are both being treated at the moment. And I've wanted to run a marathon for 30 years, so I'd better get on with it.
  • Sue says: Just signed up for first Marathon in March 2014. Scared and excited at same time x
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