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A realistic target for those of us that struggle to do mega-mileage due to injury, family committments etc

Notes from Members

  • Janiew says: Should be achievable, but I'd better stop mucking about and go for my first run of 2009!
  • Woman-in-Black says: Double 2008 but also first Marathon so...... :-)
  • Ebb says: Hopefully a target will help me persevere with running next year
  • Tempo says: I'll give it a go, i mean it's only 10.5 miles a week, every week, 4 times a month, 12 times a year, where's me delete key, Ooops too late.
  • slowburner says: 105m for Jan ..yipee
  • CottamRunner says: After missing most of the first half of 2009 through injury I've now got 125 km / 80 miles to do in December .....

    Good luck to everyone else trying this!

  • NorthernFairy says: Second time lucky for me hopefully! Pesky shin splint wrecked 2008's chances
  • geordiegirl says: I'm going to give it another go....
  • iPLOD says: Ooh. My first group!
  • tuga says: This sounds like a sensible target and I really need to get sensible in 2009 and kick the CBA's. well is โ€˜onlyโ€™ 10M / 15K a week
  • Reg says: Hi all did 5 miles today so thats a start
  • susietwoshoes says: Ok so that's official now isn't it. Will have to get on with it.
  • Running Beer says: I'm in too! With a half marathon planned for March I should be able to start the year pretty well. I managed 224 miles last year but wasn't running all year, lets see how much I can improve in 2009!
  • reprac says: What an excellent idea - This group sounds like a perfect motivator for me..
  • Woodland Warrior says: Doing it for fun
  • buttercups1971 says: i am going to try for this!! 2009~
  • T Bow says: good target to aim for!! trying to improve my PB for 10k hope this will help, which i'm sure won't hurt
  • beck says: Failed this year due to injuries so i will try again
  • pinga says: count me in! , seems like a doable number (only did 276 last year)
  • Mim says: I don't normally do group membership but nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  • Bimblebelle says: I would love to achieve this in 2009.
  • SilBurBas says: My first group....Just blobbed in the trainings from my Garmin since New year '09 - 228 training for Bristol Half.
  • Ginnersinner says: I'll stick to 500 again this year!
  • richard_ogden says: Now I've joined the group, I think I'm going to have to do it
  • Hourglass says: "...A realistic target for those of us that struggle to do mega-mileage due to injury, family committments etc..." - this says it all really - Hurrah for logic :-)
  • greenbox says: Hmmm its a ' lets try again' for me :-)
  • Dawnp says: Right, lets see how I get on :)
  • bellybaby says: I'll give it a go. Here's hoping that as a beginner I manage!
  • ian kewley says: failed this year due to injury. fingers, legs and anything else i can cross im gonna do it 2009.
  • Evangel says: I hope I can achieve this goal, even if injury stops me getting to bigger targets.
  • JonD says: Failed reaching this target last year, need a bit more motivation this year.
  • SteveParkes says: I'm pretty sure I can be averaging over 10miles a week unless I get a long term injury or mojo problem.
  • FurryH says: Injuries and babies aside i hope I can get to 500 this year
  • Robbo62 says: barring injuries this is a very realistic target for me. good luck all.
  • Fizz :-) says: The first half of 2008 went really well, then the CBA's kicked in . . .

    Must try harder in 2009!
  • koplegend1963 says: My first group too. All the best everyone.
  • LyndseyLou says: Why not? How bad can it be? This wil be my first ever yearly target, my first ever group, and hopefully my first ever marathon year, so here goes...
  • ZebraGirl says: I need to do something to get me back onto the road... you are my last hope!
  • Caroline Baba Ball says: Fingers crossed we will all reach our target in 2009! :-)
  • Pippi says: I'm aiming for it - thought it was realistic, but January didn't go well ...
  • Jon_T says: Over 300 miles now, two half marathons booked for the autumn
  • Angelplodder says: Nearly did it this year. Will have to try harder next year. Good luck everyone.
  • oneronaldo says: Did 549 pleased with that what next year?
  • chocolatepony says: Gulp...
  • Lyds says: Hopefully a realistic target, and something to keep me motivated!
  • benj81 says: Think I can do this in 09, especially with the training needed for FLM.
  • 4loz4 says: yeah - lets give it a go
  • kaybear says: Should be managable in theory, less than 10 per week! Easier said than done i think but worth a try.
  • Helegant says: Hmmm. Can I? Won't know unless I try :-)
  • Qwerty says: Fab :-) 72 people to give me a prod off the couch ;-)
  • vanessa26.7 says: A hopefully realistic challenge and goal for me
  • Monkex says: I'll give this a go :-)
  • Kaza says: Missed out this year due to work injury and being a mum. Hopefully next year I can exceed this total!!!
  • Bubbles70 says: Will give it my best shot...
  • cleanteeth says: Oh why not..! It's good to have a goal, did'nt get in on ballot for FLM ..AGAIN! least the 500 mile group will have me :o)
  • barking says: I'm in! Managed 285 in 2008...
  • AndyWB says: A good starting target, wonder if I can do more?
  • Wooflykiss says: Was doing ok last year but got injured running BeachyHead marathon,then started new job,then the dark nights set in - as a result the last two months of 2008 from a running perspective was a disaster.Will do better this year.
  • Meglet says: managable esp if i get into GNR. bring it on!
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: I think its a big ask but I am going to give it a go
  • Maph3rs says: I should do 750 miles this year but want to do as many as i can. Done 20.9 up to now.
  • IBB,MBGOG says: Sounds like a big number. If being consistent, should manage 10 miles/week, injuries permitting. Now if I could only invent the non-toxic red wine, all would be good.
  • Poppy7 says: Something to keep me motivated!
  • Hackett says: 100 up already .... I guess all will be dependant on whether I keep on running after FLM 09 ....
  • Gruntfuttock says: Well nurk my throbbers and steady my thunderjugs, grasping my cordwangle.....500 miles here I come!!
  • Sazzle says: big target for me, I always start ok with new year resolution then lose it completely when the nights get dark again, perhaps this will keep me motivated ;-)
  • Mousethatran says: My first group! How exciting. 500 should be managable but injury stopped my tracks last year so we'll just give it ago.
  • SuzeeDiamond says: this is the group for me overdid it last year and paid the penalty
  • philg72 says: Hurrah, passed the 500. Still going strong so need to clear 600 by end of the year. Might even try the 1000 in 2010, who knows!
  • DuaneDibbley says: I hope it's not too late to join this group - I'd only seen the 1000 miles and thought that was going to be unrealistic...I should manage 500 no problem though! And next year...1000? Who knows...
  • Ferdi says: good challenge!!
  • Doug2 says: Hi Guys - Can I still join ? I reckon 500miles is a great target for me
  • The Husky says: 500 this year, next year who knows
  • MrsBear says: getting back into it after injury and need the support
  • Run Jabba Run says: Honestly, not all my 2009 mileage is on Fetch!
  • Snellers says: I left and now I'm back - I won't get to 500 but I ain't done bad all things considered
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