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For those who want to complete 1000 miles during 2009
Just sign up below and set a 1000 mile target in the Training section

Recognition will be granted to those who reach 1000km during their journey.

Just log your runs each week, Stalking and Haddock Waving are provided free of charge.

Notes from Members

  • Patch39 says: Hey - think I've joined...! 43 miles done - 957 to go!
  • pmcoops says: thats me off the mark for 1000 in 2009
  • Mutant Calfs says: I did 700 miles in 2008, the same plus another 300 is gonna be a challange I'm just gonna have to stand up tp!
  • Brum Gucci says: I think this target is tough with a family and work but will provide some motivation to up the miles...
  • Shilly says: Aghh! just out of hospital, stragulated hernia, no running for min four weeks, gutted
  • ducksdisease says: Why not?!:)
  • R4R says: one step at a time
  • Two Towels. says: This Year of 2009 is to be a mammoth mileage year for me, it needs to be, London Marathon my first in 2009 :-)
  • 5hep says: Injuries meant that I missed the target last year by loads of miles - I'll be more careful in 2009!!
  • panad says: managed 833 in 2008, hoping for 1000 this time........
  • Nephi says: Target to do by the end of September so if not in the hall of fame by then a good beating with the haddock required :)
  • Broccers says: Made 500 between July and the end of 2008.

    Got a marathon and ironman in 2009 so thats 52 miles in the bag!!
  • ChrisVilla says: Fit and raring to go!(after ive had a nap!:)).
  • SilentTim says: Am I right in saying that fetch only adds training runs to your total and not races as well?

    Anyway, I've had a low month in Jan, but if I keep to my goal of 20 miles per week for the rest of the year should just about make 1000 miles...
  • mitch01 says: did 859 miles last year hoping to go over 1000 miles this year.
  • KAZZY73 says: Its looking good lol x
  • firstofficerspong says: 1000 in 2009 is a sensible target for me...joining the 1200 in 2008 group was just me showing off
  • swabsterstu says: Started running in June 2008, so a clean state, let's get it done.
  • HayleyB says: Got to over 700 this year, despite not logging January and almost three months of injury, so 1000 is just the right target. I hope.
  • lozza says: Will be my third time of trying to hit 1000.... this year for definite!

    Mid year update - injured for 6 weeks then slow comback. Currently nearly 80 miles behind, and cancelled my marathon. I can still do this....
  • Dina Mo says: I have a pair of '1000 mile' socks and I'm gonna do some market research in the process!
  • m4cca says: If I tell everyone that I'm going to aim for 1000 miles, then I have to do it, right!? (even though my target was only 900!) something's gotta get me out of bed each morning!
  • GlennR says: Aiming to carry on with last year's effort.
  • Treacle says: I'll be going for even more next year - but wouldn't dream of leaving my 1000 mile group!
  • sandgrounder says: had a slack couple of years - looking to up my mileage
  • SteveV says: Failed this year by ALOT, unless i run stupid amounts before the end of the year, but that is unlikely, so...... bring on 2009 :)
  • Laura27 says: will be focusing on quality not quantity, but hope to be not too far off 1000 and also love the gang!!!
  • Magbag says: Not going to do it this year. So will try again 2009
  • Troughty says: Count me in!!
  • stoxy says: Heres hoping. I need a target this year.
  • Baron von Sharon says: Bring on January!
  • Cabbey says: Can I join in? A good goal for 2009
  • Breezy says: I'm in
  • zosie says: Do we get a special badge for doing this?
  • Woffy says: Hopefully will be able to hit this landmark next year, I certainly intend to give it a good go.
  • NIKKI10000 says: Need toup my milage.hopefully this will help!
  • northernslowcoach says: try again in 2009 :)
    too scared of the wet haddock not to!
  • Andy 1 shoe Money says: 09 is my comeback year,so count me in and watch me go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jenni-far-far says: managed it this year, and would like to do the same in 2009 but with a bit of cycling added in so may be tricky!
  • ultrabaldy says: gonna do it ,probably over 1200 by the end of next year!!!!
  • suzeedee says: Bring it on!
  • Debstir says: Well, I can't seem to do it on my own...
  • dazzas says: SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!!
  • forest plodder says: Worked so well in 2008, so let's do it again!!
  • Jogging Pioneer says: If I aim at 1000...who knows!
  • Durbat says: 800 in 2008, just need to find another 200 from some where
  • 750 Warrior says: I have not logged my mileage properly before so I will be interested to see what I am actually running and doing 1000 miles should help give me focus
  • Repkafanclub says: Hope to complete a thousand miles this year. Good luck to everyone in the group.
  • JovialGnome says: Missed out in '08 due to having most of December off due to injury - this year will be different!
  • Little Nemo says: After a rubbish 2008 want to set myself a goal that will be challenging but hopefully attainable :-)
  • Sk8tergirl says: Managed 800 last year, not sure if I'll quite make the 1000, but it'll be good to have a tough target!
  • Mothy says: Hi all. First group I've joined on fetch, so please be gentle. 1000miles was suggested by OldMan, and I'm already 25 miles behind target. Hopefully recoup this in the next month.
  • Sticky1 says: I'm looking forward to the challenge....I might need some prodding to get out there some days though ;-p
  • Mr_SJ says: really need to hit this target in 2009, crappy year in 2008 and this ones not started to well, but looking to the future !!
  • LambChop says: Just missed out last year so determind this year, body willing!!
  • Tubsey says: ran a reasonable amount early in 2007 but dropped off towards the end of the year, needed a new focus and thought this was a good idea. Have started positively with a programme which is achievable.......hopefully !! Am going to look at doing a few 1/2's and maybe a full marathon to help with the milage. Good luck to all. Tubsey x
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: Ok i know i said 1000 miles was too much pressure but i will give it a go.Suexxx
  • pedalmonkey says: Started with 500 then got carried away and thought 1000?... tis easy!
  • kevin scott says: one more for your list then girlie
  • ANDERS says: 1000 miles, gotta make it this year...
  • bal says: After tailing away with injury last year I must hit this in 2009.
  • Grumpa says: Slow start due to illness and inury,but I`m not too far behind !!!!!!!! ;)
  • Pepsi says: just increased my target from 750 to 1000!!
  • The Flying Fifer says: Slowly but surely. Only 115 miles to go as of 11th October
  • toffee says: Decent start to 2009 and then got a bad injury playing footy. I need to motivate myself again hence the reason for joining. I will need all the help I can get me thinks.
  • Lumsdoni says: Well why the hell not!
  • Steve Ho says: Did alot more last year, but would like to focus on more quality training rather than quantity.
  • run-forest-run says: we dream the same dream.........we want the same thing........
  • Kiwi Kate says: Doing well towards this target (for now) thanks to marathon training for spring marathon - might become a lot harder to keep up the mileage once marathon over.....will try to keep up the momentum!
  • skoorb says: Well I have just bagged 500 for the year so need to keep the miles up and a target like this will ensure that I give it a crack
  • Banny says: Did it. 1,000 miles in September
  • jwellis says: Just passed 1000 best luck to all who are close.
  • Tango (Adam) says: i've done it!! :) 39marathons lol
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