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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • The Jackal says: looks like i'm going to have to find another 50 miles somewhere this year now!
  • BobEsponja says: 1.5 half months and 36 miles. Best start picking it up!
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: Managed 700 last year!!!!
  • Clueless says: I managed about 400 ish miles last year with injury and illness which scuppered my plans. Hope to change that this year :)
  • sallykate says: Perfect target -- more than this year :-) I mean last year :-o
  • julbags says: Will be a push but hopefully marathon training should bump my mileage up a bit next year
  • Running Beard says: Gives me something to aim for which ought to be achievable for me - also provide some motivation from the start of the year.
  • *Anj* says: How many miles a month is this?
  • Gogsy! says: Looking forward to the challenge
  • Shin-Twigs says: Hi, newbie here, joining to hopefully get to the 750 this year
  • Tiggia says: Erm, I need to be more disciplined this year :)
  • phewww! says: I'm going to give it a go! Should be OK if .......I stay injury free!
  • Mrs F says: I am now about 12 miles off this target, too late to make 1000 miles in 2009, but maybe that is one to go for next year! Started with a conservative target of 600 miles for the year, and have managed to keep running through most niggles give or take a few days! (so far, touch wood, plastic, glass or anything else that may work!)
  • Harbs says: 712 miles done disappointed not to make it but 4 weeks off for injury and had a rather long summer holiday (ooops) so 2010 it is then for under 4 hour marathon and over 750 miles.
  • Evangel says: I'd like to have a realistic and achievable goal. Let's see what happens.
  • Caterpillar says: Hello everyone. I was in the 500 mile group but I've nearly done 200 this year already, so 750 is probably the right challenge for me. :-)
  • Toucan says: Means I not only have to run, but also need to remember to keep the Forerunner charged!
  • Pully says: Was aiming for 500 but both legs appear to be working well, i am ahead of target and stepping it up so what the hell...
  • Maisy says: Just hit 801 miles for the year. It's a great feeling!
  • Wriggling Snake says: I'm on 646 right now, buthave 2 weeks away in november, so will be interesting if I make it!!!
Group admin: fetcheveryone

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