Notes from Members

  • Scrappy Doo says: Party...oh yes indeedy....
  • Jambon says: An after party will be the golden carrot to get me to the end
  • Triplet Dad says: Can't wait - my first after party, mine's a Guinness
  • Fat Dave says: Yes indeedy, with the MBH too, hopefully...
  • Tiggia says: Oh hell, I hope I can walk!
  • mafioso says: morning,
    how much do you need hun? there is 2 of us
  • pinkladykat says: hello i will be there if OH has the monday off
  • PeterWard5 says: Yes I will limp round as well.
  • Kwaka says: This sounds fantastic. There should be 5 of us in total, Mrs K (supertec), Lil Kwaka & I need to check with the other two, but I would think they're up for it.
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