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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Fetchies on Facebook

233 members [See all]

I'm sure there are lots of us out there! Another dimension........a broader perspective...........a different way to link up.........or perhaps some of us are just damn nosey!

Facebook me.............I'm Tina O'Shea

Notes from Members

  • martynjlane says: Hi everyone. I'm Martyn Lane on Facebook. Feel free to visit anytime!
  • spikeyboy says: Graeme Lawson (Linlithgow)
  • Karen Zarindast says: Hi Guys, anyone in the Hyde Park area in London? Karen
  • princessdave says: Louise Tubbs : )
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: Coooeee l'm on facebook ( playing BEJEWELED ) find me as Adrienne Michael-Ives xX
  • richard 1960 says: how are u
  • arbster says: I'm Alastair Ford on Facebook. Current pic is me with Motty.
  • Mr. White says: yep - send me a message, mention Fetch and I'll add you to my list. Name is Neil G White
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: I'm Rachel Comotto on Facebook
  • BarefootEm says: Feel free to add me (pls send a message to say you are a fetchie though) Emma Shepherd x
  • Spally says: Hi. Am Sarah Spall on FB!
  • Rents says: Yep - I'm all of the above - Chris Renton
  • Ben....Marquis of Ashby says: Hey, I'm ben peacock on facebook, add me if you want, would be great to see what events everyone gets up to!
  • stubanch says: on face book im stuart henderson
  • clairad says: Love running, love facebook
  • geordiesanta says: An easy name to spot (cos there's so many!) Karen Wilson I'm the one from Geordie Land ;)
  • westmoors says: Stil finding my way round facebook. My real name brings up over 500 results so search for my page 'Keep Fit with Kelly' if you wish to be my friend.
  • bumpkin1970 says: Hi all, Brian Paterson on FB, mention Fetch 🏃😎
  • markl200 says: i'm on facebook as mark bowman :)
  • CheekyP says: Hello, you can add the Cheeky 1 if you like!
  • shampoo says: Im on - Lisa Spencer
  • pmcoops says: facebook me,search for paul cooper
  • wAckie Racer says: i'm Adrian Leach on Facebook
  • The Duckinator says: Hey everyone, look for Stuart Milne (profile name TheDuckinator) on the book, I like new friends.
  • Tubsey says: Am another of those that is also a Facebook user - Toby Andrews
  • jamborigg says: Hi folks im Scott Nelson aka Jamborigg
  • Cabbey says: I'm Claire Abbey... original huh!
  • Gooner says: Craig 'Wobbles' Hall..... Don't ask :)
  • kink bunny says: hello i'm Kizzy kinkbunny Walkey :)
  • onetony says: Me too. I'm Tony Walker, find me!!
  • clairejustine says: hi im on facebook claire omara
  • monsenb1 says: In facebook I'm Nadhim Bayatti
  • Torry Quine says: Oh so that's where everyone is. Annie Reid
  • Spanabell says: Facebook me, im Ana Neal and i have the same picture up with the pink hair as my profile pic so shouldn't be too hard to find.
  • mothrunner says: Hi, I'm David Barron on Facebook. Look me up!
  • IrishMike says: Hello....well i'm imaginatively called Michael Mawby on Facebook....as you can tell when i came up with my name on fetch i was going through a very inventive period of my life :-p
  • ian9657 says: I'm there Ian Stuart Goudie
  • Dick Spandex says: Richard Collyer
  • minardi says: aka Kerry Hudson :-)
  • Stuart G says: I'm an Fb addict aswel! Stuart Griffiths
  • Helegant says: Helegant = Helen Gardner
  • run-forest-run says: loving life, fetch and facebook, also a member of the facebook fetch everyone group Mark H
  • officebased says: Hi, There must be someone out there to motivate me to keep running ????
  • Gavvers says: Hi, I'm on Facebook - Gavin Reeves
  • plodding hippo says: Im Ruth benzimra
  • Tick Tock Tim says: I'm Tim Arbuckle on FB
  • B-Lass says: Stephanie Kent
  • upies says: hi, if you would like to facebook me . i'm rob montgomery.
  • BlueTang says: Hello, I'm on Facebook, add me I'm Deborah Hood. There are a few of me, I'm the one dancing in my profile pic :)
  • ChrisThePuma says: I can be found as chris worton
  • Mr Alf Tupper says: stephen trainer......greenock
  • DuaneDibbley says: I'm on facebook too - liam montgomery - only just getting in to it recently.
  • batmouse says: Lesley Foster might be easier to find me through Sunderland Strollers Group x
  • running water says: Chris Waterworth on facebook
  • red face walking- squirrel says: debby dawson was hughes
  • xenon says: Sam Exton!!
  • baz p says: im on.. Barry Paterson is me.
  • tiamo69 says: just found FETCH, i'm on FB & will be a Race Director for parkrun at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.
    (currently press-ganged into 'acting' RD for Brueton Park, Solihull which launched on the 24th of July)
  • STOOSH says: i'm there...i'm stuart douglas
  • Gus says: Called Gus Love on facebook.
  • Chris 0198 says: Facebook me and add me if u like, Chris Sheldrick, profile pic same as one on here, should be easy to spot
  • Phinedish says: jo edwards on FBof you want to add me, any running tips always welcome!
  • Pizza Boy says: Alex bampton :-)
  • gradgrind says: Hi - always glad to meet a fetchie. I'm Simon Wilson, search location Derby.
  • fatgirlrunning says: I have a facebook page, www.facebook.com/fatgirlrunning (or search fatgirlrunning). If anyone's interested feel free to have a look :)
  • brimps says: facebook briony wood
  • Mr Plod-a-long says: Facebook me - just mention Fetch - Name is David Skinner
  • CrazyLegs says: I'm Emma Neachell on FB :-)
  • Flibberty Jibbet says: I'm Julia Ibbitson and I think I'm the only one of me on facebook!!
  • lynseylou says: Lynsey Doel :)
  • Chief Sub-5 says: Hi, I'm Matt Sinha on FB
  • Alice the Camel says: Alice the Camel = Dawn Holt, currently based in Doha, Qatar
  • The Terminator says: Matt Rogerson
  • Pale Skinny Vegan says: facebook.com
  • Benny Turbo says: Hi I'm Benjamin D Jones on facebook xx
  • running crazy says: runniung crazy nowon face book too
  • justcol says: alias Colin Alexander (Stirling)
  • BishopLenBrennan says: Blessings to you all! I'm Archie McKay on the Great book of Face. Mention Fetch in your "want to be a friend message".
  • Smudger 3 The slower lioness says: Facebook me.Iam Sue Smith and in my small pic iam wearing my Ryston vest running Wymondham 10k.My timeline big pic is me on hols in Cornwall:-)
  • RichHL says: Richard Lyle. I'll be the one with all the parkrun pictures.
  • .HA HA says: jeff hendersson if you wanna add me..dont forget double S in the surname :)
  • AVR_graham says: Graham maskell from redditch if you wanna add me
  • Phill_Young says: This is me on Face Book :) facebook.com
  • Kimbles says: I'm Kimberley Stevenson (Kimbles67) on FB :-)
  • ultracollie says: Hi all Facebook adrian colwill bideford north devon :-) there are several but i have links to endurance life and UTMB
  • AdminLiz says: Liz Smith Walton on the Naze
  • mxhornet says: Paul Woodyatt for anyone who doesn't already know
  • DeeGee says: I'm Darren Rowe in real life
  • smoke free says: facebook me if you fancy :-) facebook.com
  • Jelly Baby says: I'm Kimberley Blount on Facebook. Please mention fetch in your message. Pic of me in my wedding dress as profile pic- in case there are a few to choose from!
  • StellaFella1967 says: Paul Eagles on Facebook
  • Triplet Dad says: Hi, I'm Michael Joyce in real life, feel free to facebook me. facebook.com
  • Happy Cat says: Catherine Foley - mention Fetch
  • Ian121 says: ian ambler on facebook, picture of yorkshire rose ;-)
  • Plodder54 says: Hi everyone .......I`m Mick Teather on Facebook :-)
  • Thistle. says: Ann Gallon. Mention fetch in request. Thanks mucho
  • DocMoye says: hello, i'm Helen Moye....you can look me up, mention fetch
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Luke Bosman. Mention Fetch in your friend request or I'll probably ignore you. :-)
  • The Teaboy says: I'm Alan Shillitoe. There's only one of me so I'm easy to find!
  • cooper_21 says: add me david cooper from mansfield woodhouse!!!
  • hopper1 says: Hi all. On FB as Paul Lewis.
  • steagu says: find me by my fetchie username
  • JoOsh says: Hi, I'm Joanne O'shaughnessy on FB. facebook.com
  • Ahote says: I'm on FB. Philip Wark - I'm an owl in a hat......
  • Hyperboy says: Another good wee group on fetch,nice one:)
  • WtnMel says: Only just discovered this group and always interested in expanding my list of running friends. You'll find me on FB as Melvyn Harris (current profile pic is rather dusty pair of walking boots). Just mention Fetch! :)
  • chrisnew says: I am on Facebook, Chris Newberry. Feel free to add me. Current profile pic a cheeky grin with a medal :-)
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: Can be found as Jo Pweredbychocolate
  • fish-erman friends says: fish michael sadler as fish-ermans friends. Am i the only one who plays fetch in the north sea, so no body going to conquer or pick up my flowers growing on the after deck of supply boat jaguar :)
  • Granny2-3 says: Yet another thread to watch on facebook.
  • Shadow says: Ha ha this is funny, 'fetchevery facebook group' who would have thought ...... Sue Jones
  • GRIFFO says: Griffo,IM Colin Griffiths
  • Strutbrother says: Steve Richardson on FB.
  • Lapsed Athlete says: Hi I'm Carl Lockwood on facebook please feel free to add me.
  • misskeller says: HI Im Stine Keller Nielsen on facebook. New on fetch :)
  • Captain S says: I'm Andy Phillips on Facebook.
    Message me and be my friend.
  • runningkat says: Hi, am ruuning kat and at the moment my running is low level, as I am busy working on essays toward my degree... I hope to up it again in the Summer!
  • Ogden Runner says: On Facebook! John Thompson in Selby 👍
Group admin: Rosie1