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FERC is now an official running club, and you can apply to become a member. For further details, see

Notes from Members

  • LLL1 says: How exciting , count me in * wonders if she will still be No1* ;)
  • Purps says: I want to join FERC as I live too far away from anywhere else to join a different club. Plus I love Fetch. :)
  • Mikuro says: FERCin great.... ;)
  • Toks says: yes please for the FERC Shirt :-)
  • SCD says: love wearing the FETCH vest so will love joining the club. Hooray for FETCH!!!
  • mokina says: I want to join FERC as my only running club as I am not too keen on 'real' running clubs and I love FETCH :-)
  • JonD says: I am looking for inspiration to increase my mileage next year
  • SillyGoose2007 says: How cool would it be to tell all your friends you are a member of the UK's biggest UKA affiliated club?!
  • GD says: I want to join, 'cos my local club run on Tuesdays (darts night for me), and Thursdays (curry night) - how inconsiderate is that?
  • domichiwa says: FERC will be great as I can only schedule to run at antisocial times: early in the morning or late at night due to family and work commitments. This is a great initiative!
  • PloddinBuddah says: I work shifts aswell so it's sort of difficult for me to join a local club and attend regularly. FERC will be my first choice!!!
  • Poochie says: love fetch work a good un!
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: I wanna be a Fetchie, just need to get the top :)
  • Stuart L says: Mega! What a great idea!
  • The Jogger says: I do shift work nearly always in the evening, so I don't belong to a running club but want to, so Fetch is the one for me.
  • DaisySun says: I'd like to join
  • horry says: A great idea for those of us who can't or don't wont to go to a running club on the same night every week but still like to be part of the action.
  • Gav Darke says: Count me in - I move around too much to join a 'local' club for more than a year or so.
  • freddie carthorse says: Finally a running club that's not clicky.
  • Ian121 says: yes please
  • BigD(akaSam) says: I think this is an excellent idea that warrants recognition by UKA. I live in the country and work from home, I would find it very difficult to make the time to visit a club and run whereas with Fetch I get all the benefits and feedback I need, it's great fun and I can work it into my day comfortably. In the past I was just a lonely old bloke running around the lanes moaning to myself about the world at large. Now I can compare notes on running and moan to the world at large. Now there's a thing or two I could say about UKA!...... maybe some other time, now is not a good idea.
  • NorthernFairy says: This is brilliant, I can't make most of my local club nights due to work so I am delighted to be able to have an alternative, FERC will be my first claim (but I promise to change to a local club just as soon as work allows!). Thank you for doing this, it's appreciated.
  • Triplet Dad says: I would like to Join FERC as this community feels like a running club to me, plus I can come and go as I like without having to attend fixed events.
  • Niamhs Dad says: What a great idea. FERC's for me please....
  • skyprincess says: ohhh yes please!! I'm always working on runing club nights!
  • El Rapido says: With 3am starts for work, joining a conventional running club is out of the question. Oh how I long for an online version, Yay for FERC!
  • tiamo69 says: joined a few months ago but not got around to joining here on Forum! D'OH!
  • Clarkiee says: Loving this site! It's as addictive as running!
  • TnoP says: Joined today. Woo hoo!
  • philg72 says: First experience of FETCH tonight - looks great. Keen to be long standing member of FERC. Roll on the speing!
  • teddy-o says: I suppose it's time i got round to joining. no trumpet blowing but i was the first person to suggest a Fetch running club named FERC back in the mists of time circa mid 2006. hehe :-)
  • McNewbie says: recently joined FERC - happy little FERCer, me :)
  • jamieb32 says: Loving the site, sure the club will be just as good.....
  • GimmeMedals says: My first running club :-)
  • Rosemount Raver says: great idea count me in
  • Zehnderboy says: Just joined FERC running club - Yay! Now looking forward to buying and running in a FETCH shirt :-)
  • Kyoko says: I have just joined! Great!!
  • Iron_Mum says: Got my card: ridiculously pleased! :-)
  • Jon_T says: Id like to join as my local running club wont change thier nights to suit me, which is very inconsiderate
  • simeyk says: Just signed up and bought the t-shirt. Great for those of us who work irregular hours. Hello to everyone!
  • ultracollie says: Hi all have just joined similar tale run/train mostly on own due to work,distance and family where can I get vest from?
    new to the whole community thing but loving it, am happy to be onboard :-)
  • AdminLiz says: Latest recruit, glad to be a member!
  • Granny2-3 says: Joined a while ago. Great to be a member of such a lovely club with nice people.
  • Sigh says: 9 March 2017 - just joined the club, so nice to be a member!
  • totalbeginner says: Would very much like to join, i have been in two minds whether to re register with fitmums and friends as it's hard to get to club runs due to family decided not to renew. So it would be as first claim . Is it too late to join?
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